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Chinese Gender Predictor Chart versus China Sex Ratio at Birth

This article discusses the relationship between Sex Ratio at Birth of China and the Chinese Baby Gender Predictor Chart. This will help us to know if Chinese Baby Gender Predictor Chart is accurate.

The Chinese Baby Gender Chart is a very popular topic on the Internet since 1998. People keep asking how accurate the prediction of the Chinese Baby Gender Chart is. According to the 2017 data bank from United Nations Population Division shows the sex ratio of male births per female births is 1.073. China's sex ratio at birth is 1.15. According to the birth data at US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the US sex ratio between males and females is 1.048. Girls like to be born in USA.

Baby Sex Ratio at Birth in China

Decades ago some scientists had researched what might influence the sex ratio at birth. They documented the seasons and regions affect the sex ratio at birth. US National Center for Biotechnology Information published a study of The Association between Season of Pregnancy and Birth-Sex among Chinese in 2014. The statistic data is from 3051 Chinese children born in the Northeast regions of China during 2006 to 2008. Among 3051 children, there are 1582 boys (51.8%), and 1469 girls (48.2%) The Chinese sex ratio of boy per girl is 1.0769. The following is the monthly sex ratio chart.

August, February, March, April are highest sex ratio months. December, January and October are above the average. The sex ratios of pregnant seasons are quite different.

The spring time in China is February, March and April. The summer time is May, June and July. The study stated that Chinese mothers pregnant in spring had a higher probability of delivering boys than those pregnant in summer.

The sex ratio at city region is 1.085. The sex ratio in the rural region is 1.061. The sex ratio of women younger than 30 is 1.083. The sex ratio of women older than 29 is 1.052.

Review Chinese Baby Gender Predictor Chart

The chart below is the Chinese Baby Gender Predictor Chart. The age in the chart is the woman's Chinese age at conception. The month in the chart is the month of conception. Because the chart is from Ching Ching Character Dynasty, people think the month should be the Chinese Lunar Month. For the prediction, blue is for the boy and pink is for the girl.

Age Woman's Conception Chinese Lunar Month

We are interested the association between conception month and the probability to have baby boy. Therefore, we sum up the boy counts for each month.

Lunar MonthNear ZodiacProximity MonthBoy Counts

Now we can see that January, February, March, April, and September have higher boy counts. The Chinese I-Ching has a theory to support this prediction. This probably is something to do with Chinese I-Ching Hexagrams. I-Ching states the natural phenomena of our universe and then applies it to people, family, and national relationships. The nature rule of the universe (Dao) is Yin and Yang. I-Ching uses the symbol of broken bar Chinese Yin as Yin and the solid bar Chinese Yang as Yang. Yin is female or cold. Yang is male or hot. One trigram has 3 bars and one hexagram has 6 bars. Yin-Yang and Hexagram can apply for months. Each month has its own hexagram. December has the first Yang growing from the ground. January has two Yangs on the ground. February has three Yangs on the ground. March has four Yang bars and April has five Yang bars. Full six Yangs are in May. In June, Yang completely dies and Yin is born.

1 Yang
2 Yang
3 Yang
4 Yang
5 Yang
Full Yang
1 Yin

Yang is connected to the boy. The energy of Yang grows from December to May. The energy of Yin grows from June to November. The first Yang of December is too weak. The full Yang of May will die soon. The energy of Yang is growing strong from January to April. It turns out that the conception months in January, February, March, and April are favorable to conceive a baby boy. The summer season is favorable to conceive a baby girl. The following chart is the relationship between boy counts and pregnant months.

Comparing this chart with the statistic sex ratio birth data chart, they are pretty close except August and September. We can say that Chinese Baby Gender Predictor Chart is somewhat accurate but not precise in China. But this doesn't mean the Chinese Baby Gender Predictor Chart is accurate for other countries.

For women age under 30, the boy count is 75 and the girl count is 69. The ratio is 1.086. For women age over 29, the boy count is 89 and the girl count is 103. The ratio is 0.864. The sex ratio of statistical data for women younger than 30 is 1.083. The sex ratio of statistical data for women older than 29 is 1.052. Both data show younger women have a better chance to conceive baby boys.

Use Zodiac-Lunar Months for Chinese Gender Predictor Chart

The Chinese Gender Predictor Chart has 12 months. Every three years Chinese Lunar Calendar needs an extra lunar month in order to synchronize the cycle of the sun. When a Chinese lunar year has 13 months, we have difficulty to apply the leap month on Prediction Chart. If the I-Ching theory is behind the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart, then we should consider using Chinese Zodiac Month, instead of Chinese Lunar Months.

Therefore, we compromise the Chinese Zodiac Months with Chinese Lunar Months into new Zodiac-Lunar Months the following chart. The days of Zodiac-Lunar Months must in both of lunar month and its corresponding Zodiac month. We strongly recommend using Zodiac-Lunar Months for the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart.

The following is the 2020 Zodiac-Lunar Months of China time zone. The Adjusted Months in the chart below is 2020 compromising Zodiac-Lunar Months.

2020 Zodiac-Lunar Months of Time Zone 8 (China)
Zodiac MonthLunar MonthAdjusted MonthsDays
1Tiger2/4/2020 - 3/4/20201/25/2020 - 2/22/20202/4/2020 - 2/22/202019
2Rabbit3/5/2020 - 4/3/20202/23/2020 - 3/23/20203/5/2020 - 3/23/202019
3Dragon4/4/2020 - 5/4/20203/24/2020 - 4/22/20204/4/2020 - 4/22/202019
4Snake5/5/2020 - 6/4/20204/23/2020 - 6/20/20205/5/2020 - 6/4/202031
5Horse6/5/2020 - 7/5/20206/21/2020 - 7/20/20206/21/2020 - 7/5/202015
6Sheep7/6/2020 - 8/6/20207/21/2020 - 8/18/20207/21/2020 - 8/6/202017
7Monkey8/7/2020 - 9/6/20208/19/2020 - 9/16/20208/19/2020 - 9/6/202019
8Chicken9/7/2020 - 10/7/20209/17/2020 - 10/16/20209/17/2020 - 10/7/202021
9Dog10/8/2020 - 11/6/202010/17/2020 - 11/14/202010/17/2020 - 11/6/202021
10Pig11/7/2020 - 12/6/202011/15/2020 - 12/14/202011/15/2020 - 12/6/202022
11Rat12/7/2020 - 1/4/202112/15/2020 - 1/12/202112/15/2020 - 1/4/202121
12Cow1/5/2021 - 2/2/20211/13/2021 - 2/11/20211/13/2021 - 2/2/202121

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By Master Allen Tsai on November 8, 2022

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