Free Daily Chinese Horoscope - Five Element Chinese Astrology

Many Chinese Horoscope sites predict people fortune using the birth year's animal sign, which had been abandoned thousand years ago. But it still exists because it's easier to learn. Our Five Element Chinese Astrology uses the birthday to do the prediction and converts all the animal signs in the astrology birth chart into Five Elements, then predict people fortune from Five Element Relationship, Five Star Relationship and Branch Relationship. So we strongly believe we can deliver a better prediction.

Chinese are interesting in their wealth, power, reputation, children, health and marriage since thousand of years ago. Therefore, Chinese astrology keeps focusing in these topics while developing the astrology theory. By using the Five Stars theory from Chinese astrology, our Chinese Astrology can quickly foresee people's money, career and fame lucks. That means we can tell you when your money comes and goes. More information about our Chinese astrology, please read our FAQ Page.

The Daily Chinese Astrology gives you the event predictions of current year, current month and current day. The luck from yearly astrology cycle is more important than monthly and daily astrology cycle, since it lasts longer. There are 10-year Major Cycles in the Chinese Astrology. The luck from Major Cycle lasts for 10 years. In general, good luck from daily cycle lets you happy for hours; good luck from monthly cycle lets you happy for days; good yearly luck lets you happy for months. and 10-year cycle's luck lets you happy for years.

If you need to know the prediction of next month or next year, then you need to come to visit us again when the time comes. However, we provides Yearly Chinese Astrology and Major Cycles Astrology service reports for people cannot wait to see their money and career lucks in the years to come.

If you are interesting in your money luck, then read the page of money, investment, lottery and gambling luck.

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