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Chinese Horoscope in the Chinese Fortune Calendar website is Chinese Five Element Astrology. It analyzes people's five elements of the birth chart and then does the prediction. This is different from many Chinese Horoscope sites that predict people's fortune using the birth year's animal sign, which had been abandoned thousands of years ago because of inaccuracy. It still exists because it's easier to learn and simpler to remember.

In Five Element Chinese Astrology, all the animal signs in the astrology birth chart can convert into five elements. When studying the birth chart, we need to know the Five Element Relationship, Five Star Relationship, and Branch Relationship to find which element is useful. If we want to know about career, wealth, power, reputation, children, health, and marriage, then we have to use 10-Gods Chinese astrology. These theories have been tested for thousands of years. We believe we can deliver a better prediction. The top ten Chinese Horoscopes on the Chinese Astrology Website are

Top 1: The Rise and Fall Life Chart

This application will give you a Chinese Five Element Balance Chart. We calculate your total scores of the Five Elements in your birth char first, adjust five elements' distribution for each 10-Year Major Cycles, and then draw an incredible Chinese Astrology Rise and Fall Chart. Surprisingly, this chart is quite accurate to match up and down fortune during the entire life. The most valuable thing is it also reveals Your Lucky Element for free.

Top 2: Daily Chinese Horoscopes

If you know your Chinese Horoscope Lucky Element from the Chinese Horoscope Rise and Fall Chart, you should check the Free Daily Chinese Horoscopes to verify if your Lucky Element brings you a fortune. This application tells you the happening events regarding your career, money, reputation, and love.

Top 3: Fast Love Match

This Free Chinese Horoscope Love compatibility Match using birthdays has been serving millions of users since 1999. This is not simple Chinese zodiac matches. It's required people's birthdays to do the compatibility test. Fast Love Match is much more accurate than Chinese zodiac signs matching by only birth years. You can use it for compatibility tests with anyone you know. If you know people's birthdays around you, it will surprise you from the results of Fast Love Match.

Top 4: Chinese Baby Gender Predictor

Chinese Baby Gender Predictor can predict the baby gender using a woman's age and the conception month. The prediction is based on the Ching Dynasty's Baby Gender Statistic Chart, a.k.a. Chinese Baby Gender Calendar, using inside the Forbidden City. They said the accuracy rate of the Chinese Baby Gender Predictor is high in Chinese hospital's delivery room.

Top 5: Chinese Baby Gender Calendar

Some families plan for a baby boy. They are studying the Chiese Baby Gender Prediction Chart. To understand the chart, we need to know the woman's Chinese age and the conception month of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. We provide an accurate Baby Gender Calendar for people planning their next baby.

Top 6: Future Daily Chinese Horoscopes

This is an extension of Free Daily Chinese Horoscopes. You can select any day in the future to read the Chinese Horoscopes on that day. So you can make a decision today for future events.

Top 7: Chinese Horoscope Auspicious Future Day

This is another extension of Free Daily Chinese Horoscopes. Also, this application will give you a compatible score for the future day with your birthday. You can use this tool to plan your job interview, meeting, dating, party, announcement, event opening, or wedding. Whenever you need to find a Chinese Horoscope Auspicious Future Day, this is the right tool.

Top 8: Advanced 10-God Birth Chart

Chinese Astrology 10-God Birth Chart is the one professional fortune-tellers use. It's good for people to learn Chinese Astrology. It analyzes whether Day Master is strong or weak. It also indicates which 10-Year Major Cycles are good. You also can see hints for the coming three years. So you can plan something for yourself.

Top 9: Feng Shui House

The Purple White Flying Stars of Chinese Feng Shui is an application to help people to identify the House of Wealth, the House of love, the House of Intelligence, the House of Good Fortune, the House of Debt, the House of Good Health, etc. When you buy or rent a house, you should check the Feng Shui House.

Top 10: Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Many people born in January or February were told the wrong Chinese zodiac animal signs by many Chinese zodiac websites. Your Chinese Zodiac Sign is the Year Column of the Chinese Astrology Birth Chart, which uses the Chinese Stem-Branch astrology calendar, not the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The first day of the Chinese astrological year is around February 4 each year. The Chinese New Year Day falls between January 21 and February 20. To verify Your Chinese Zodiac Sign is quite popular in the Chinese Fortune Calendar.

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