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Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Survey

Help Women to Choose a Baby Boy or Girl

We are doing a survey to see the accuracy rate of the ancient Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart. In general, we need more survey data to analyze before publishing the result. Because some web sites say the prediction chart with 99% accuracy rate, therefore many women keep asking us how to choose a baby gender by the prediction chart. According to current survey raw data, the accuracy rate is much lower than we expected. However, we find out we can create a new prediction chart with higher accuracy rate in the end of year 1999. The following simple inquiry will help women need the information right away about choosing baby gender by our survey raw data.

Step 1: Find Statistic Data for Baby Boy or Girl

By entering your Chinese age and selecting the baby gender, it will return the percentage of the chance to have baby gender you choose in Chinese lunar months. Then you can choose the highest percentage lunar month for conception.

If you're born after February 20th, your Chinese age = your actual age + 1. 

Before that date, click here to find your Chinese age

Enter you Chinese Age

Choose Gender  Boy       Girl       

Step 2: Convert the Chinese lunar month to Gregorian calendar

Time Zone    (Optional) City longitude use negative for west longitude   

List lunar months for year

Predict/Survey a baby gender by Chinese statistic chart   <<  Need your help, please join the survey!

Baby Dipper If you are planning to have a baby using the Chinese Baby Gender prediction chart. We suggest you use Master Tsai's Revised Chinese Baby Gender Calendar for Your Time Zone. There are some issues regarding the Chinese Baby Gender prediction charts. For example, there are 13 lunar months in 2020. How can we use the Chinese lunar months?

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