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Chinese Age and Chinese Lunar Calendar

Traditionally, a Chinese baby is one year old at birth. The baby will be one year older at the Chinese New Year. If the baby was born one day before the Chinese New Year, then the baby's Chinese age would be 2 years old on the Chinese New Year day.

The Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart requires women's Chinese age to predict baby gender. When women plan for the next baby, they have to calculate the Chinese age on a certain future date. Chinese lunar days of different time zones might fall on different Georgian dates. The following Chinese Age Calculator can help women to find out their Chinese lunar age at conception month base on their time zones. If you just want to know your current Chinese age, then use the Simple Chinese Age Calculator.

Calculate Chinese Lunar Age at the Conception Month, Pregnancy Year

  Time Zone
  City Longitude
  Use negative for west longitude

  Birth Year Month Day

  Age Year Month Day
  The estimation of conception date

  Return Age ...

We are often asked if the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart is accurate? We surveyed the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart for years. We also studied the sex ratio at birth data from different countries, such as USA, China, India, Singapore, and Taiwan. The short answer from our study is the Chinese Baby Gender Predictor Chart is somewhat accurate but not precise in China.

About Baby Gender Prediction


Chinese Baby Gender Chart Accurate?

What's the accuracy rate of the Chinese Baby Gender Chart? Should women use the Baby Gender Pregnancy Chart to choose the next infant gender? We studied the sex ratio at birth data in the northeast regions of China to analyze the association between the Chinese Gender Prediction Chart and sex ratio at birth data. We also did the same analysis for the different countries and regions.


Chinese Baby Gender Predictor

It's complicated to calculate the Chinese lunar age and lunar month of the conception using the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart. Our Chinese Baby Gender Predictor does all the calculations for you. This helps women to plan for the next baby. It also is easier to check the accuracy of the Baby Gender Pregnancy Chart.


Revised Chinese Baby Gender Calendar

The Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart is a cross-reference table of conception months and conception ages. There are 12 months in the table. Since the lunar leap month, 2020 has 13 Chinese lunar months. How do we use the Baby Gender Pregnancy Chart?

While doing the Survey of the Baby Gender Chart, some women told us that they get a 100% accuracy rate for all their family children using the months of the Gregorian calendar. If we use the Chinese Astrology Stem-Branch calendar for the prediction chart, then we don't have the issue of 13 lunar months.

Therefore, we combine the Chinese lunar calendar and the Chinese astrology Stem-Branch calendar into a new revised Chinese Baby Gender calendar. The days in the months will precisely fall in the lunar month and zodiac months. Thus, women have peace of mind while choosing a day to conceive a baby.

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By Master Allen Tsai on July 1, 2022

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