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Chinese Five Element Astrology calculates people's birthday and birth time to build a Four-Pillar Eight-Character Birth Chart using the Chinese Horoscope calendar. Then fortunetellers analyze the Five Elements inside the birth chart before predicting someone's fortune. We are doing the same process here. Chinese Five Element Astrology is also called Ba-Zi. In Chinese, Ba means eight and Zi means character. The following is your birth data.

The following is your birth chart. You are Black Tiger, born in the year of the Black Tiger. The first character in the DAY column represents you. So Male Water represents you and you are equivalent to Water.

Your Birth Chart and Zodiac Signs


Male Water

Male Water

Male Water

Male Water

Black Tiger

Black Tiger

Black Tiger

Black Tiger
The Chinese Astrology Birth Chart of 2/18/2022

Your birth chart was generated using the Chinese Stem-Branch calendar system. The Stems, upper row in the chart, are Five Elements which are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. The Branches, lower row in the chart, are 12 animal names that are related to the Five Elements. The following Five Elements distribution chart is produced from your birth chart.

The Scores of Five Elements

Five Elements




Total 159  128  42  23 

The Useful Element - Your Lucky Element

Here we select an element from the Five Element chart as your Lucky Element, a.k.a. Useful Element. The Chinese Yin-Yang Five Elements describe the theory of BALANCE. When the Five Elements are balanced, they are in harmony and you will be lucky. When they are out of balance, the stronger element will attack the weaker element. Their conflict will cause you trouble. So your lucky elements are the ones that bring the Five Elements into balance. Usually, the lucky elements are the ones with a lesser weight (score). Here we want to pick Metal to be your Lucky Element because your Five Elements have a better shape when the weight of Metal increases. The elements won't fight if they are equally strong. Since Metal is helpful and useful, Chinese astrology also calls it the Useful Element. Using the balance theory, we can predict the rise and fall of your entire life.

Your 10-Year Major Cycles

Each Chinese astrology birth chart has its own 10-Year Major Astrological Cycles. Each cycle is assigned a color animal sign. Animal signs can be converted into Five Elements. The Five Elements of the Major Cycle will mix with the Five Elements of your Birth Chart. The total scores of each element will be changed. That means the Balance Status of the Five Elements will be different. If the new scores of the Five Elements are almost equally distributed, then you will have better luck. Therefore, the Rise and Fall Chart is the Five-Element Balance Chart.

Because each Major Cycle lasts for 10 years, the Major Cycles are the most important factor in predicting people's fortunes. The animal sign of the major astrological cycle will change every 10 years. People's fortunes could turn around every 10 years.

The Rise and Fall Chart

Blue Bar Red Bar Red Bar Red Bar Red Bar Red Bar Red Bar Red Bar Red Bar Red Bar
Age 0 5-14 15-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65-74 75-84 85-94
The Life Chart of 2/18/2022

The Blue Bar stands for the beginning Luck Level when you were born. Each Red Bar stands for the Luck Level for 10 years. When you are in luck, the Red Bar is longer than the Blue Bar. Your good marriage should be in the longest Red Bar or a longer Red Bar period during the marriage age. Your career should start in a longer red bar as well. Usually, you can find two consecutive longer Red Bars together, which are your best 20 years.

What is Your Lucky Element Metal?

The Lucky Element is the secret key to revealing the connection to improve your daily life's fortune. It tells your lucky time, lucky place, lucky color, lucky career, food, and music to increase the energy of Metal. Taking advantage of the following Lucky Element guide, the rest of your life will become much more comfortable, peaceful, and joyful.

The Forecast of 10-Year Major Cycles

The following animal signs are the astrological Stem-Branches of your 10-Year Major Cycles. Each animal contains different combinations of the Five Elements. If you find your Lucky Element within the animal signs, then that animal will bring you a certain degree of fortune.

AgeYearAnimal SignAnimal Name
2027 Black Water Rabbit
15 2037 Green Wood Dragon
25 2047 Green Wood Snake
35 2057 Red Fire Horse
45 2067 Red Fire Sheep
55 2077 Brown Earth Monkey
65 2087 Brown Earth Chicken
75 2097 White Metal Dog
85 2107 White Metal Pig
10-Year Major Cycles

The Chinese Astrology 10-God Birth Chart provides more detailed information about the relationships between the Five Elements and Animals. Using Ten Gods Relationships, we can know when the career, money, reputation, education, social, and love events will come toward our life in each 10-year major cycle. To have your concise predictions regarding your 10-Year Major Cycles is from the following.


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