Mr. Zhang arrived Feng-City (1800 year-old ghost town) at night. He saw some girls carrying water with buckets at riverside. He felt he once had met with one pretty girl among them. He asked hotel hotelier why so many girls work at night. Hotelkeeper said that river is Yin Yang River, which is the boundary of Ghost town. Those girls are ghosts and work for ghost town officer. The pretty one is named Lee CuiLian. She is newly-wedded to ghost officer. The hotelier told Mr. Zhang not to get there again, in case that he cannot return.

Yin Yang River Opera

Mr. Zhang wondered why the girl had the same name with her wife and went back to the Yin Yang River to meet the girl. After husband and wife met, Lee Cui-Lian said she was punished to carrying water for 100 days.

The ghost town officer soon came back. Lee Cui-Lian told her ghost husband that Mr. Zhang is her brother. Therefore, the ghost officer wanted to go out to buy wine to treat the relative. Lee Cui-Lian told Mr. Zhang not to drink wine, other never return. She asked Mr. Zhang to go back home soon to protect her deceased body at home and waited for her return.

The ghost officer returned with empty hand. He said he got message from his boss and had to go to Mr. Zhang home town to take care an emergency business. Mr. Zhang asked for a ride. The ghost officer carried Mr. Zhang and told Mr. Zhang does not open his eyes until he got there. Mr. Zhang felt cold wind on his back. Just a few seconds, Mr. Zhang returned his home to stop his wife's funeral. Lee Cui-Lian waked up after 100 days. Another Version of Lee Cui-Lain....

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