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Year 2002 is a Chinese Black Horse Year. Why do the Chinese name year 2002 as the Black Horse Year? Chinese calendar uses the Stem-Branch system to count the days, months and years. There are 10 Stems and 12 Branches in the system. Stems are named by the Yin-Yang and Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth). The Stem sequence order is Yin-Yang Wood,Fire,Earth,Metal,Water Yang Wood, Yin Wood, Yang Fire, Yin Fire, Yang Earth, Yin Earth, Yang Metal, Yin Metal, Yang Water and Yin Water. Branches use the animal names.

The Branch sequence order is Rat,Cow,Tiger,Rabbit,Dragon,Snake,Horse,Sheep,Monkey,Hen,Dog,Hog Rat, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog and Pig. Stem and Branch are used together to form a cycle of 60 counting systems which begin from WoodenRatMale WoodMouseWooden Rat and end with Water Pig WaterPigWater Pig. You can see the entire sequence from the Chinese New Year's page. From Year 1924 to Year 1983 is a complete cycle. Year 2002 is Yang Water Horse, the 19th of the Stem-Branch in the system. Because Water is equivalent to color Black in the Five-Element system, Year 2002 is also called Black Horse year. In Chinese astrology, Horse contains Fire element and color Red can represent Fire. Since Fire element in the Year 2002, therefore the water is not cold anymore.

Chinese New Year 2002

The Chinese New Year day is on February 12th, 2002. Because this is the new moon day, the first day of the first Chinese lunar month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar system. If we apply Chinese lunar calendar system on the USA time zones, we find something interesting there. In the Pacific Standard Time, the new moon time is at 23:41 of 2-11-02, so the Chinese New Year day for the PST time zone is on February 11th, 2002. In the Eastern Standard Time zone, the Chinese New Year day is on February 12th, 2002, because the new moon time is at 02:41 of 2-12-02.

In China, the first day of the Black Horse Year is February 4th, 2002 in the Fortune-Telling Calendar system, because February 4th, 2002 is the first day of Tiger month and the Tiger month is the first month of a year in Chinese Fortune-Telling Calendar system.

In the Chinese Fortune-Telling calendar, the first day of the first month, Tiger month, is called "Start of Spring", which is when the sun enters 315th degree on the tropical zodiac. In the China time zone, the time of Start of Spring is at 02-04 08:24. So the first day of the Black Horse year 2002 is on 02-04-02. For USA the time of Start of Spring is on 02-03 at 16:24 PST and on 02-03 at 19:24 EST, therefore we can say that the first day of the Chinese Black Horse year is February 3rd, 2002 in USA.

The Year 2002 (Black Horse) is the 4699th Chinese year. The Chinese believe that the first king of China was the Yellow King (he was not the first emperor of China who completed the Great Wall). The Yellow King became king in 2697 B.C., therefore China will enter the 4699th year on February 4th, 2002. Also, the Chinese Year uses the cycle of 60 Stem-Branch counting systems and the Black Horse is the 19th Stem-Branch in the cycle. Since 4699 = (60 *78) + 19, therefore this Black Horse Year is the 4699th Chinese Year.

Some web sites say the year 2002 is the 4670th Chinese year. If you cannot find the explanation from there, here is a possible answer for you. The Yellow King's inauguration was held in the spring of 2697 B.C..  But the calendar of Yellow King used the winter solstice day as the first day of the year. So the first winter solstice was on around December 23rd, 2698 B.C. Today's January 1st means nothing to Yellow King. If we count that extra eight days in 2698 B.C. for a year, then year 2002 is the 4670th Chinese year.

How to Prepare Chinese New Year in USA


Chinese fortune tellers like to use the theory of Five Elements to predict people's fortune. If you want to know if you are lucky or not in the year 2002, you must know your lucky element from the Chinese Fortune-Telling Calendar page first.

Year 2002 is the year of Black Horse, which contains Water and Fire. If your lucky element is Water or Fire, then you have a chance to get lucky in Year 2002. Also, if your lucky element is Fire, and your Birth Chart and your current 10-Year Major cycle contain a Tiger and a Dog, then you will certainly do well in 2002. However, it's still not easy that you can get whatever you want, because Fire and Water are opposite elements. If your lucky element is Fire, then Water is your unlucky element. So you still need to fight to get what you want. in short, you have the chance, but under pressure.

Year 2000 was an unpredictable Golden Dragon year. Year 2001 was a sad White Snake year for many people. For those people have a Tiger in their birth chart probably had to fight for their family survival like the Lady White in the story of White Snake. Year 2002 is a Water Horse Year. Horse contains mainly Fire with some Earth element. Horse is the strongest Fire element among 12 animals. Water cannot extinguish Fire all the time, because the Earth and Fire may let Water disappear. Therefore, when Water and Horse are together, the disputes and arguments are always there.

Year 2002 won't be a peaceful year. It's just like an unfriendly area and we have to pass through it in 2002. The way to handle that is to mediate the conflict between Water and Fire. The first solution is to use the Wood as the mediator, because Wood can release the energy from Water and then pass the energy to Fire. So you will safely pass year 2002, if you have more than 60 scores of Wood in the Birth Chart and current 10-Year Major cycle.

The second solution is to find any Female Fire in the Birth Chart and current 10-Year Major cycle. When Female Fire and Yang Water are together, the energy of Water decreases and the force of Wood is generated.

There is a hope for people without first two solutions. That is to find Metal as a compromiser between the Earth and the Water, because Fire releases energy to Earth, Earth produces energy for Metal and Metal passes energy to Water.

If any dilemma happens to you in year 2002, you can try to sit under a big tree in the park for one or two hours to cool down yourself first. Then, you may find your best solution from there. If you feel unlucky in year 2002, you should be optimistic because everyone should have his or her lucky season according to the tips of your lucky element.

Love and Romance

The year 2002 is a year of the Horse. If you were born on the DAY of Cow, Snake or Chicken, or born in the YEAR of Cow, Snake or Chicken, then you will have better chance to have a love affair.

If you weren't born on those Days and Years, you can try your romantic luck in the month of Cow (January), Snake (May) and Chicken (September). To find Dates of Chinese astrology months.

Feng Shui 2002

The eastern area of the house is an unlucky area in 2002. Do not have any home improvement in this direction. The southern area is not lucky area, either. Do not let weak or sick family member live in the bedroom in this direction. The northern area won't generate the career and money luck.

The western area is an auspicious area and gives people career and money luck in 2002. There is a money star in the southeast area. So the southeast area brings you money luck, too. The southwest area can make people smarter. So the southwest area is good for the study room and may bring your career or money luck, too.

Chinese Fortune Calendar provides a Feng Shui Flying Stars page for people to check the special relationships between year 2002 and their houses and wishes everyone having an auspicious Black Horse year.

Chinese Character - Horse

Chinese character Wu using in the astrology calendar means noon, not horse. The traditional Chinese character of the horse is Ma . There is no good explanation for why ancient Chinese selected Horse as the nickname of Wu. The invention of Chinese Horse character is quite interesting. For detail, click here .

Horoscope 2002

For those who were born on the day of Black Horse, Brown Rat and Red Monkey or born in year of Black Horse (1942), Brown Rat (1948) and Red Monkey (1956) should pay attention on their health and avoid risky business in the year of Black Horse year. The DAY and YEAR animal signs can be found from the Birth Chart.

May wealth and health always come your way in the year of Black Horse!

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By Master Allen Tsai on November 11, 2021

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