The Guardian Star of Ten Gods in Chinese Zodiac

Guardian Star is Babysitter, Pian-Yin or Indirect Resources

The Day Master in Chinese Zodiac is the upper row element of the Day Column in the Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart. In order to analyze the Chinese Zodiac Bazi Birth Chart easier, ancient Chinese fortune tellers assigned ten relationship names between 10 elements. These ten relationship names are called Ten Gods.

The Guardian Star is the mother element of the Day Master. But the gender of Guardian Star is same to Day Master. Babysitter, Nanny, Mother-Substitute, Pain-Yin and Indirect Resources are the nicknames of the Guardian Star.

The element protecting Day Master is called the Mother Star. The Mother Star which gender same as Day Master is called Guardian Star. The Chinese Name is called Pian-Yin . Pian means secondary, substitute, deputy and indirect way. Yin means seal, stamp and authority. Pian-Yin is connected to secondary protection or mother-substitute. The Guardian Star provides care, support, protection, assistance, teaching and resource to Day Master.

The Mother Star which gender different from Day Master is called Parental Star or Zheng-Yin .

If Day Master is Yang Wood, then Yin Water in the birth chart is called Parental Star. If Day Master is Yin Wood, then Yang Water in the birth chart is the Parental Star. If Day Master is Yang Wood, then Yang Water in the birth chart is called Guardian Star.

In man's birth chart, the Parental Star represents his mother and the Guardian Star represents his grandfather or father-in-law. In woman birth chart, the Guardian Star represents her mother and the Parental Star represents her grandfather or son-in-law. In Chinese astrology, Guardian Star can be step-mother, babysitter, adopted mother, foster, elder, grand parents, mentor, advisor or nanny.

When the Food Star is next to the Guardian Star, then Guardian Star will attack the Food Star and forget to protect Day Master. In this case, the Guardian Star has a nickname Xiao , which is a bad owl-like bird in China. They said Xiao is a mother-eating bird. After being raised by the mother for 100 days, Xiao kills its mother and flies away. This is because the mother is unable to provide enough food for it. This is not a good metaphor for the relationship between Food Star appears and Xiao. In the animal kingdom, owl could eat its unhealthy child, not mother. A better explanation is that Xiao will eat the Food of Day Master and then Day Master becomes unhealthy because of lack of food.

If the Guardian Star is a Lucky Element, then the person has the talent of creativity and imagination. They are good at investigation, information gathering and analysis. They have high sensitivity in the area they are interesting. When they are dedicated, they can learn things much faster than ordinary people. Then, they can learn a special skill for living. The Guardian Star people can show their talents. But they are poor in social relationship. Guardian Star people need to accept people's opinions to have a successful career.

The Difference between Guardian Star and Parental Star

The Parental Star is the primary Protector. The Guardian Star is the secondary Protector. Since the gender of Parental Star is different from Day Master, an attracting force tends to draw them together. Since the gender of Guardian Star is same to Day Master, a repulsive force separates them away. Parental Star cares about Day Master with unconditional love. Guardian Star cares about Day Master with responsibilities.

Parental Star has the love from mother to child. Guardian Star is related to the nanny or babysitter. The Parental Star helps people with heart and without a condition. The Guardian Star helps people only with their interest or with perfunctory approach. The Guardian Star has more selfish more the Parental Star.

The Parental Star focuses on academic achievement, reputation and caring to people. Guardian Star represents mysterious and spiritual power, outstanding isolation, extraordinary thinking and prediction. Also Guardian Star focuses on the achievement of planning, design, creation and invention.

Mixing Parental Star and Guardian Star in the birth chart, the person has mixing personalities. The person will become thoughtful, picky, tricky and narrow-minded. Sometimes he helps people cordially and sometimes he treats people coldly.

Meanings of Guardian Star in the BaZi Birth Chart

The Guardian Star implies step-mother, baby-sitter, adopted mother, foster, elder, grand parents, monk, doctor, mentor, advisor, loneliness, separation, unhappiness, poverty, harassment, hardship, unmentionable illness, quiet, wishful thinking, irrational attempt, indifference, scheme, craftiness, unfriendliness, alert, eating disorder, ill-balanced feeding, observation in detail, extraordinary thinking, overwhelming creation, sharp sensibility, etc.

If there is no Parental Star in the birth chart, then we can treat Guardian Star as the Parental Star. If there is no Parental Star and Guardian Star in the birth chart, then the person has little help or relationship from parents. The person doesn't like study and learn things by heart, doesn't like cram education in school. So he doesn't have interest and cannot focus on school work since there is no communication with teachers. He doesn't care their own health and doesn't like to see doctors or to take medicine, unless the Mother Star appears in the astrological cycles.

The people with multiple Guardian Stars are conservative, sorrowful, gloomy and unpredictable. They can change their mind in the next moment. Sometimes they lose the opportunity since the attitudes. Strong Guardian Stars bring people high self-esteem. When they encounter the frustration, they always proudly persist about their noble and virtuous spirit.

When strong Guardian Star people are asked for help, they tend to find an excuse to escape the duty or they just provide a perfunctory help. We cannot expect good result from them every time.

If Guardian Star people have strong Guardian Stars shown in the branch of birth charts, they become willful, headstrong and overbearing. If you ask them something, then they will give you more than you ask for. If they want to give you something, you must accept. Otherwise, they will be very upset. When they like you, then they want act as your very close friend or relative. When they hate you, then they wish you disappear soon.

People whose Weak Day Master born in the Guardian Star Month have introvert and conservative personality. They are always suspicious of something and don't trust people. They are skinny and timid. Their mothers have trouble to take care them when they are young. For this type of man, it's hard for a woman be his wife. The man won't be satisfied his marriage life.

If people of Strong Day Master have Guardian Star in the Day and Hour Columns of the birth chart, they might have a lonely late age.

Guardian Star vs. Money Star and Child Star

The People with multiple Guardian Stars have very good mood when they are rich. They will get mad and lose control when they are poor. Therefore, Guardian Star People always like the Money Star comes from the astrological cycles.

If the Money Star is next to Guardian Star in the birth chart, then the Guardian Star People with strong Day Master will have very good money luck. If Guardian Star is at the branch of Month Column and Money Star is at the branch of Day Column, then the person's marriage won't be perfect.

If the Money Star is under the Guardian Star in the birth chart of a Strong Day Master, the person will have good money luck with the helps from elders, mentors, directors or advisors. The person can earn more money from non-fixed income job when Property Star under the Guardian Star than Windfall Star under the Guardian star.

The Performer Star is connected to business mind. It can help Money Star to generate more income. Performer Star is afraid of Guardian Star. If Performer Star under Guardian Star in a birth chart of Strong Day Master, then the idea of earnings is suppressed and financial status is not good. The Food Star under Guardian Star has similar situation. The person is limited to show his talent by the seniors, managers or elders. That's not a good fortune sign either.

A woman has too many Guardian Stars and no Performer Star and no Food Star, and then she might have less relationship her children.

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