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The Parental Star of Ten Gods in Chinese Zodiac

The Parental Star is the mother element of the Day Master. The gender of the Parental Star and the Day Master is different. The Mother, Zheng-Yin, Authentic Seal, Primary Resources, or Direct Resources are the nicknames of the Parental Star.

In order to analyze the Chinese Zodiac Bazi Birth Chart easier, Chinese fortune tellers assigned ten relationship names between 10 Heavenly Stems and Day Master, which is the Stem of the Day Column in the Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart. These ten relationship names are called Ten Gods.

Parental Star is Mother, Zheng-Yin or Direct Resources

The element protecting Day Master is called the Mother Star. The Mother Star which gender different from Day Master is called Parental Star. The Chinese Name is called Zheng-Yin . Zheng means genuine, main and proper object. Yin means seal, stamp and authority. Zheng-Yin is connected to primary protection or mother. The Parental Star provides supports, protections, educations and resources to Day Master without condition.

The Mother Star which gender same to Day Master is called Guardian Star, Pian-Yin or Xiao-Yin .

If Day Master is Yang Wood, then Yin Water in the birth chart is called Parental Star. If Day Master is Yin Wood, then Yang Water in the birth chart is the Parental Star. If Day Master is Yang Wood, then Yang Water in the birth chart is called Guardian Star.

If the owner of the birth chart is a man, then the Parental Star represents his mother. If the owner of the birth chart is a woman, then the Guardian Star represents her mother and the Parental Star represents her grandfather or son-in-law. In Chinese astrology, Parental Star can be mother, mentor, elder, savior, education, knowledge, health, housing, love, and guardian angel.

The Difference between Parental Star and Guardian Star

The Parental Star is the primary Protector. The Guardian Star is the secondary Protector. The gender of Parental Star and Day Master is different. An invisible attracting force tends to draw them together. The gender of Guardian Star and Day Master is the same. A possible repulsive force tends to separate them away. Parental Star cares about Day Master with unconditional love. Guardian Star cares about Day Master with full responsibilities. Parental Star is related to the love from mother to child. Guardian Star is related to the nanny or babysitter.

What's the major difference in Chinese astrology? If the Food Star appears in the birth chat, Parental Star and Guardian Star will react differently. When seeing the Food Star, the Guardian Star will go to steal Food Star and forget to protect the Day Master. This is because Day Master's Food Star is the Money Star of the Guardian Star. That implies a nanny or babysitter could quit for a different better paying job. When Guardian Star absents from its duty, the Evil Star, the Seven-Killings, will attack Day Master directly.

When the Food Star appears, the Guardian Star has a nickname Xiao , which is an owl-like bird. They said Xiao is a mother-eating bird. That probably is not true. The owl could eat its unhealthy child, not the mother. In Chinese astrology, Xiao eats the food of Day Master.

If there is no Parental Star in the birth chart, then we can treat Guardian Star as the primary Protector. If there is no Parental Star and Guardian Star in the birth chart, then the person has little help or relationship from parents. The person doesn't like to study and learn things by heart, doesn't like cram education in school. So he doesn't have the interest and cannot focus on schoolwork since there is no communication with teachers. He doesn't care about their health and doesn't like to see doctors or take medicine unless the Mother Star appears in the astrological cycles.

Meanings of Parental Star in the BaZi Birth Chart

Basically, the Parental Star can increase Day Master's mental power and physical health. The Parental Star can be your parents, teachers, mentors, coaches, elders, and helpers. Food, medicine, nursing, medical care, physician, cozy home, sanctuary, and religion are all related to Parental Star. In a business or career, the Parental Star is also connected to your sponsor, backer, benefactor, or savior. They make your life easier and give you a good reputation. In short, Parental Star makes Day Master stronger.

The characteristic of the Parental Star is kindness, stable, forgiveness, tender, calm, intelligence, tolerance, benevolence, conservative and concealing. The events of Parental Star are related to fame, knowledge, study, research, religion, education, protection, housing, wisdom, preparation, hardworking, meditation, introspection, and charity.

When Parental Star becomes the Lucky Element, the person can do the research, statistic, analytic, strategic, scientific, and academic jobs. They could become analyzers, advisors, engineers, professors, or scientists. Since Parental Star is caring about people, the person can be a nurse, doctor, teacher, secretary, religionist, priest, pharmacist, or house-keeper.

Usually, the Parental Star becomes the Lucky Element when Day Master is weak. When the Parental Star is the Lucky Element, the person values the people's personality, reputation, passion, virtue, sentiment, friendship, human interaction, and social relationship. The person has a good memory and strong imagination likes to cherish old friendship and reiterates the old stories. Also, the person likes to study philosophy, believe the cause and effect, and has a sense of responsibility.

A very weak Day Master with many Parental Stars is not a good combination. The person has the habit of relying on others, saving face, and concealing a fault. The person sometimes becomes lazy, trite, and impractical. Also, the person is often unable to make a decision. This type of person is penny-pinching and not good at doing business.

The Parental Star becomes an unlucky Element when Day Master is strong. A strong Day Master with many Parental Stars is a sign of over-protection. Strong Day Master should have a very independent and strong personality. The person should be able to manage and handle all challenges in his life. With extra supports from Parental Stars, Day Master will become strong-minded, stubborn, selfish, and egoistic. Additional opinions from Parental Stars usually become the wrong advice to Day Master. Too much interference from Parental Stars could take away the freedom of Day Master, kill the talent of Day Master and ruin the close relationship with Day Master.

Relationship Between Parental Star and Money Star

The Parental Star is afraid of the Money Star. If Day Master is weak and Money Star appears and attacks the Lucky Element Parental Star, the person will lose confidence in the judgment and making decisions. He becomes irresponsible, trends to quit opportunity without trying, and sometimes does an inexplicable silly thing. He might have a busy and tiring life to work for money. If Parental Star gets hurt by the Money Star, then the person doesn't have too much helps during career development. Also, he probably won't have good health.

If Day Master is strong with many Parental Stars, without Money Star and Career Star, then the person becomes penny-wise and penny-pinching. Also, the person will often encounter the predicament, feel depressed and heavyhearted, get sick easily when get tired. If Both Parental Star and Day Master are strong, then Money Star becomes a Lucky Element. When appearing from the astrological cycle, Mother Star can make the person richer.

Is the Parental Star the Good Sign in Chinese Zodiac?

Beside acting the mother role, the Parental Star can protect Day Master from attacking by the Career Stars, which are Evil Star and Officer Star. The Career Star is the mother element of Parental Star. When the Day Master is weak, Parental Star can ask for Evil Star and Officer Star to help Day Master.

The Parental Star implies the devotion of love. But it comes with selfishness. Too many Parental Stars won't help Day Master. With too much protection from Parental Stars, Day Master tends to ask people opinions, keep changing mind, finish the task difficultly, and lose his promise.

The Strong Mother Star could attack the Day Master's Child Star, which brings ideas of creation, imagination, invention to Day Master. Child Star makes Day Master smarter and richer. If a weak Child Star is under attack by Mother Star, then the person cannot manage money well and shouldn't do any risky investment, such as gamble, stock, lottery. This is because that the person becomes a simple, honest, sincere, and lack of tricky and comprehensive mind. A person can't gain knowledge without practical experience. His or her talent always matures slowly.

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