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Modified: January 3, 2022

The Meaning of Earth

How can we know the Earth of Five Elements is our Lucky Element? The application of Your Rise and Fall Chart of Chinese Five Element Astrology application tells our Lucky Element. The Lucky Element is the secret key to guide us to have better luck in our life. The explanation of the Lucky Element is at the Chinese Astrology Five Element Basic Concept.

Now we want to know how to Lucky Element Earth brings us good fortune. We need to learn the meaning of the Earth first. The Chinese character of the Earth of the Five Elements (Wu Xing) is , which is a pictographic character , which is a pileup of soil. The Earth is the soil, the ground, or the planet on which we live. It looks that the soil has a tendency downward to the ground. The orientation of the Earth's movement is towards the center. Earth is stable and quiet most of the time. But earthquakes could cause mountain-moving, deep canyon, landslide, or tsunami. Earth is the central storage of Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire. Earth always exists and it won't disappear.

Chinese Five Elements theory is part of the Yin Yang philosophy. Earth is distinguished by Yin (Female) Earth and Yang (Male) Earth. Yang Earth is the dry soil, tall wall, hill, or mountain. The characteristics of Yang Earth are steady, reliable, honest, and calm. The other traits of Yang Earth are magnanimous, generous, stubborn, forgiving, and broad-mined. Yang Earth is also connected to meditation and religion.

Yin Earth is related to wet soil, garden soil or farmland. Yin Earth is female and can grow flowers, plants, and crops. The characteristics of Yin Earth are steady, mild, polite, calm, and emotional. The other traits of Yin Earth are defiant, suspicious, jealous, stubborn, and dishonest.

The Characteristics of Earth

If a birth chart has too much water, then we need Yang Earth to stop the flood. Yang Earth is a dry mountain and it can absorb water quickly. Mountain absorbs the rainwater swiftly. Water is the money to Yang Earth. That implies Yang Earth earns money very easily. But the rainwater will run down the bottom of the mountain right away. That means Yang Earth doesn't know how to save money.

When flowing between tall mountains, clouds or fogs will stay between the ridges or in the valley. Sooner or later, clouds or fogs will become dew, waterdrop, or rainwater. That means Yang Earth can attract the water and know how to seize the money opportunity.

Yin Earth is wet soil. If a birth chart has too much water, then Yin Earth cannot handle the river-water or flood. Yin Earth is the flatland, plains, or the ground. It can tolerate when people jump and trample it. That implies a friendly attitude and love of Mother Earth. Yin Earth is a flatland or endless plains. Yin Earth cannot find an outstanding object or target on the flatland. Yin Earth is lack foresight.

When Yin Earth is next to the Yang Earth, the mountain, then rainwater on the mountain will flow down to the ground. Yin Earth will become fertile farmland, which can grow abundant crops. Also, rainwater might bring down the rare rock, treasure stone, even gold down to the flatland. That's a sign of the windfall from Yang Earth.

The attractive relationships of Yan-Yang Five Elements sometimes make the relationship of Five Elements complicate. Rain can stand for Yin Water. When Yang Earth meets Yin Water, they have love attraction in a relationship regarding Fire. That implies Yang Earth wins a good reputation after donating money. In this case, Lucky Element Yan-Earth will perform the duty of Fire, not Earth.

Yin Earth is related to the farmland. Yang Wood can represent the tall tree. When Yin Earth meets Yang Wood, they have love attraction in a relationship regarding Earth. It connotes that a Ying-Wood boy loves a Yin-Earth girl, and then he moves to her hometown. Yin Earth has extra help and support. If Yin Earth is the Lucky Element, then we can treat Yang Wood as another Lucky Element.

How Can Earth Improve Your Fortune?

When the Earth is your Lucky Element, then anything related to Earth is the clue to increase your luck. For example, Cow, Dragon, Sheep, and Dog are in the Earth group. Therefore, Cow, Dragon, Sheep, and Dog are your lucky animals. If you need help, then you can ask people born in the years of Cow, Dragon, Sheep, or Dog. The Five Elements Chart for Medicine, Acupuncture, and Astrology is a quick reference to know what your lucky color, food, room, direction, place, time, and season are.

Lucky Time of Earth

Lucky Place of Earth

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Living Style

How to increase the energy of the Earth

If a Chinese astrology birth chart has a weak (lower score) Earth, then the Earth is the Lucky Element in most of the cases. Increasing the energy of the Earth around you will help to balance your Five Elements. However, too much Earth might cause your Five Elements out of balance too.

Five Elements have Mother-and-Child supporting and Master-and-Slave fighting relationships. Fire is the Mother element of Earth. Fire can give Earth more energy. You can treat Fire as your second Lucky Element.

Chinese people use Feng Shui elements to enhance the Five Element around us. If Earth is the Lucky Element, we can choose a yellow or brown element to decorate the room. We can have a garden in the backyard. We can have more activities such as camping, hiking, gardening, and barefoot walking.

We also can spiritually increase our Earth's energy. We can listen to music related to the sound of the Earth while meditation, relaxing, or before sleeping. We can choose any sound or music related to the frequency of the Earth or the sound from the cave. The following are the samples in the YouTube channels.

Zodiacs and Lucky Element

The Lucky Element tells people when the good fortune comes. You can find when your lucky element appears in the astrological year from the following Chinese astrology applications.

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