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Modified: January 3, 2022

The Meaning of Fire

How can we know Fire of Five Elements is our Lucky Element? The application of Your Rise and Fall Chart of Chinese Five Element Astrology application tells our Lucky Element. The Lucky Element is the secret key to guide us to have better luck in our life. The explanation of the Lucky Element is at the Chinese Astrology Five Element Basic Concept.

Now we want to know how Lucky Element Fire brings us good fortune. We need to learn the meaning of the Fire first. The Chinese character of the Fire of the Five Elements (Wu Xing) is , which is a pictographic character , which is the campfire. Fire is a kind of combustion or burning. It gives out light, creates heat, and brings temperature higher. Flames of Fire burn upwards. Therefore, the orientation of Fire's energy is upward. Fire is hard to burn forever. The sunlight will disappear during the night. Fire is not sustainable.

Chinese Five Elements theory is part of the Yin Yang philosophy. Fire is distinguished by Yin (Female) Fire and Yang (Male) Fire. Yang Fire is the sun, big fire, wildfire, firestorm, or fire tornado. The characteristics of Yang Fire are diligence, eagerness, optimism, sentiment, and righteousness. Yang Fire also has impetuous, irritable, unleashed, and offensive personalities.

Yin Fire is related to candle fire, light bulb, stove fire, moonlight, and high temperatures. The characteristics of Yin Fire are steady, mild, polite, calm, and moderate thoughtful. The other traits of Yin Fire are jittery, nervous, uneasy, unstable, and insincere.

The Characteristics of Fire

A birth chart is too cold if too many Metal and Water are inside the birth chart. In this case, we need Fire to warm it up. Water is Yin and Fire is Yang. This is the balance concept of Yin and Yang. This is the Hot-and-Cold theory to determine the Lucky Element. If Fire is your lucky element, then the hot summer is your lucky season.

The attractive relationships of Yin-Yang Five Elements sometimes make the relationship of Five Elements complicate. Yang Fire is related to the sun. When Yang Fire meets Yin Metal, they have love attraction in a relationship regarding Water. Water is the child element of Yin Metal. Water is the son of Yang Fire. Both Yang Fire and Yin Metal focus on their child. Yang Fire focuses on the Water and forgets the duty of the Fire. The temperature of the Yang Fire will drop significantly. We cannot treat it as the Lucky Element.

Yin Fire is related to a torch or candle fire. The characteristics of Yin Fire are different from Yang Fire. Yin Fire is easy to put out while Yang Fire is difficult to manage. When Yin Fire meets Yang Water, they have love attraction in a relationship with Wood. Yang Water is related to the river. Yang Water needs to provide a boat to carry the torch. It's romantic that a torch boat is a river. That also means Yang Water provides a home for Yin Fire. Yin Fire is in love and focuses on the house of love. Under this situation, Yin Fire cannot be the Lucky Element.

How Can Fire Improve Your Fortune?

When the Fire is your Lucky Element, then anything related to Fire is the clue to increase your luck. For example, Tiger and Rabbit are in the Fire group. Therefore, Tiger and Rabbit are your lucky animals. If you need help, then you can ask people born in the years of Tiger or Rabbit. The Five Elements Chart for Medicine, Acupuncture, and Astrology is a quick reference to know what your lucky color, food, room, direction, place, time, and season are.

Lucky Time of Fire

Lucky Place of Fire

Health Related to Fire

Career of Fire

Living Style

How to increase the energy of the Fire

If a Chinese astrology birth chart has a weak (lower score) Fire, then the Fire is the Lucky Element in most of the cases. Increasing the energy of the Fire around you will help to balance your Five Elements. However, too much Fire might cause your Five Elements out of balance too.

Five Elements have Mother-and-Child supporting and Master-and-Slave fighting relationships. Wood is the Mother element of Fire. Wood can help Fire to burn stronger and longer. You can treat Wood as your second Lucky Element. Water can extinguish the fire. Metal is related to big boulders or big wind. It won't help Fire to burn. Fire doesn't like in the Metal or Water environments.

Chinese people use Feng Shui elements to enhance the Five Element around us. If Fire is the Lucky Element, we can choose a Red element to decorate the room. To hang a photo of the red car, a picture of the red maple tree, a panting of horses or red flowers are good red elements for the wall in the living room.

We also can spiritually increase our Fire energy. We can listen to music related to the sound of the Fire while meditation, relaxing, or before sleeping. We can choose any sound or music related to the campfire, fire in the fireplace, or the sun. The following are the samples in the YouTube channels.

Master Tsai's Recommendations

The Lucky Element tells people when the good fortune comes. The following are free Chinese astrology applications. You can find when your lucky element appears in the astrological year.

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