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The law of Attraction in Chinese Horoscopes

How Does Chinese Horoscopes Love Match Works?

In the article of the Love Compatibility Test 101, we explain how we check the compatibility from two Chinese astrology birth charts, which are built using people's birthdays. The upper row of the Day Column in the birth chart is called Day Master, which represents the person. The lower row of the Day Column in the birth chart is called the Palace of the Spouse. They are the most important elements connecting to people's marriage. The way to check for compatibility is using the Stem Relationship and Branch (Zodiac) Relationships in the Chinese Horoscopes.

Ten Stems and 12 Branches are from the Chinese Stem-Branch calendar. The calendar is the cycle of the sun. Humans and plants grow under the sun. The growing life cycle of the plants is similar to human life. The terms "Stem" and "Branch" are from the structure of a tree. The elements of the upper row in the birth chart are called the Stems. The elements of the lower row in the birth chart are called the Branches.

According to the Stem Relationship, when Yang Wood and Yin Earth together, they will have a romantic relationship. The sign is two trunks of the tree tangling together. That's a physical attraction. Monkey and Snake together have another attractive relationship in the sample of the above birth charts. We can say those two persons are compatible. This is nothing to do with gender.

Conversely, if we find the elements of the Stems or Branches have too many fighting relationships, then we know that is a sign of incompatibility.

If the fighting relationship is at the Day Column, then that's not a good sign for the marriage life. If the fighting relationship is at the Hour Column, then the issue is at the relatives-in-law. If the fighting relationship is at the Year Column, then they might have different opinions in people or social relationship. In short, the Day Column is the most important factor to determine compatibility.

How Can We Know a Person is Ready for Marriage?

If you still look for your soulmate, then you need to find the person first. If you can access the birthdays in the dating community, then the Chinese Fortune Angel Birthday Report provides a service to List the Most Compatible Birthdays to You.

If you are well acquainted with someone, then you should have a way to know his or her birthday. If you have your friend's birthday, we suggest you try the free Love Compatibility Test at Chinese Horoscope Fast love Match.

If both of you have a good compatibility score, then how can you know when the best proposal time is. How can you know your love is ready for marriage? Then you need to check both of your marriage luck of the current Major Cycle and the current Yearly Cycle.

You can find the Stem and Branch of the Major Cycle and the current Yearly Cycle from the 10-God Chinese Birth Chart from www.mastertsai.com. Then you can apply the Stem and Branch attractive relationships on your birth chart. If the attractive relationship is found in the Year Column, then that is a sign of a good people relationship. That implies you and your friends have a good time. If the attractive relationship is found in the Month Column, then that implies your family members (parents and siblings) have joyful moments with you during the astrological cycle. If the attractive relationship is found in the Day Column, then that means you and your lover have a physical attraction or sexual attraction. In short, the attractive relationships of Stems and Branches give us a big clue to predict the marriage time. However, some people's marriages are without any attraction relationship. That might be because of the pressure of wealth, career, parents, or child.

It's required lots of steps to check all the attractive relationships. Chinese Fortune Angel Love Match Report gives us not only the Love Match scores but also the scores of the Marriage Luck, which can tell if a person is in a love relationship. If both of the couples are in love, then that's the ideal time to get married. Also, they should choose the right person as the spouse during that period.

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