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Matt Gaetz Love Relationship, Love Affair, and Marriage

Matt Gaetz is an American lawyer and politician serving as the U.S. representative for Florida's District 1 since 2017. Matt Gaetz is under investigation by the Department of Justice over claims that he engaged in a sexual relationship with an underage girl and paid for her to Bahamas weekend trip in September 2018. Matt Gaetz denies all the allegations. He proposed to his girlfriend, Ginger Luckey, at Trump's Mar-a-Lago club in Florida on December 30, 2020.

We don't talk about Matt Gaetz's indictment for sex trafficking or sex crimes investigation here. We want to discuss his love relationship and marriage life by his Chinese Horoscope birth chart. We find a pattern of the Chinese Astrology Birth Chart could connect to a man's marital affairs, cheating scandal, or accusations of sexual harassment. We would like to reveal and share the secret of Chinese astrology with you. If you are a woman in love, you can check if your lover's birth chart has the same pattern.

Matt Gaetz was born on May 7, 1982, in Hollywood, Florida. He earned the History/Political Science degree at Florida State University in 2003. He graduated from the Law School of William and Mary in 2007. He became an attorney at Gordon and Moyle Law Firm in 2007. His political career started at the Florida State House of Representatives in 2010. He serves as the United States House of Representatives in 2017. His Chinese astrology birth chart is below. Chinese Astrology is an application of Yin Yang and Five Elements, which are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth.

The Spouse Star in the Astrology Birth Chart


Day Master

Spouse Star

Yang Water
Tiger Snake Dog


Yang Fire

Yang Fire

Yang Metal

Yang Earth

Yin Fire

Matt Gaetz was born on Yang-Metal Tiger Day in the Yin-Wood Snake Month of the Yang-Water Dog Year. The Yang-Metal at the upper row of the Day Column is called the Day Master, which represents Matt Gaetz. The second row of the Day Column under the Day Master is called the Palace of the Spouse, and the Tiger is in there. Tiger contains the information of the spouse.

We are interested in Matt Gaetz's love relationship and marriage, therefore, we want to see which element represents Matt Gaetz's wife and girlfriend. We can find the Spouse Star of the Day Master on the Intimacy Relationship and Marriage page. Yang-Metal of the Day Master and Yin-Wood of the Month Column have an attractive relationship. Therefore, Yin-Wood is the Spouse Star and Yang-Wood stands for Matt's girlfriend.

Love Relationship and Marriage Life

The Day Column of the birth chart is connected to people's marriage life. Tiger at the Palace of the Spouse contains Yang-Wood and Yang-Fire. Yang-Wood is connected to the girlfriend. That implies his wife will spend time at home to take care of the family chores.

The Month Column is connected to people very close to the Day Master, such as the family members. The Yin-Wood of the Spouse Star is next to the Yang-Metal of Day Master. That implies Matt Gaetz has many opportunities to meet girls. They can attract each other and easily build a close relationship.

Day Master has an attractive relationship with the Yin-Wood, which is outside the marriage. Day Master has no attractive relationship with the Yang-Wood, which is inside the Palace of the Spouse. That implies the girl outside is more charming and attractive to Matt Gaetz than the girl who stays at home. This is not a good sign of the marriage. He has at least one opportunity to have a love affair during his life.

The Snake in the Month Colum contains Yang-Fire and Yang-Metal. Yang-Metal represents Matt Gaetz's friends, colleagues, or work associates. Since this Yang-Metal is close to Matt's girlfriend and spouse stars. That implies Matt and his close friends often know the same girls together. That means Matt could have to compete for the love relationship with his friends.

Yang Wood is connected to the ax. which can chop the Wood. Since Metal can conquer Wood, and Wood is connected to money. Women could help him to bring in extra wealth. Fire can melt the Metal. Fire brings pressure on Metal; Fire is connected to the career. We find Yang-Fire and Yin-Fire in his birth chart. He started his career early and will last for a long time. Yang-Fire of Month Column implies he has a career connected to his family network. Since Wood helps Fire to burn. His wife could help his career too.

When is the marriage year of Matt Gaetz? 2021 is the Year of Metal Cow. Cow and Tiger of the Day Column have secret attractive relationships. Matt Gaetz is engaged to Ginger Luckey. The Cow is in the Earth group. Matt's parents like the girl. The coming 10-Year Major Cycle is Yin-Earth Chicken , from 2022 to 2031. Chicken and Snake of the Monthly Column have an attractive relationship, which implies family members and close friends are happily blessing Matt's life. Matt's wedding should happen during these 10 years. 2022 is Water Tiger and 2023 is Water Rabbit. Rabbit and Tiger are in the Wood's group. 2024 is Wooden Dragon and 2025 is Wooden Snake. They are all good years for the marriage. The best year for the wedding is 2024.

The Pattern of The Love Relationships

When the Spouse (Wife) Star appears next to the Day Master in the Month Column and the Girlfriend Star is under the Day Master, then the man could have multiple love relationships during his life. It's possible that he will experience a close relationship with someone before the marriage. We have another explanation in the article of The Intimacy Relationship, Marital Affairs, and Marriage.

It's similar to the girl's birth chart. When the Spouse (Husband) Star appears on the top of the Month Column and the Boyfriend Star is under the Day Master, then the woman will be around the men's social or working environment. She will have more opportunities to receive love from the opposite sexes.

How to Find People's Spouse Star

You can find your Spouse Star from the 10-God Chinese Astrology Birth Chart. But the birth chart uses different symbols to display the Spouse Star, Girlfriend Star, or Boyfriend Star.

If you cannot find the Spouse Star in the birth chart, then you can look for it in the 10-Year Major Cycle. Those cycles of the Spouse Star could trigger the love relationship. Which Element is the Spouse Star? You can find the answer from the Love Compatibility Test 103.

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Modified: July 30, 2021

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