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Love Relationship, Opportunity, and Outcome

This article, Love Compatibility Test 104, explains the meanings behind the Chinese Zodiac Love relationships using the transformation theory of the Five Elements. You will know when will be a possible marriage year. A love relationship is just like a comet. It could be an omen of good or bad luck. The discussion below will help you to know if a love relationship will bring you a sweet happy ending or not.

Attraction Relationship of Zodiac Signs

There are six pairs of compatible Chinese Zodiac animals in the Chinese horoscopes. You might already know they are Rat and Cow, Tiger and Pig, Rabbit and Dog, Dragon and Chicken, Horse and Sheep, Snake and Monkey. But do you know what brings them together? What element triggers the chemistry of love? How will the relationship impact their life? The following is the Chinese Zodiac compatibility chart. We are going to explain the meaning of the Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth) inside the compatibility chart.




















Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart

To study our love relationship only using the zodiac sign of the birth year won't get enough information to satisfy the prediction. We need to take a look at our Chinese Astrology Birth Chart using our birthday and birth time. Below is a gentleman's Chinese astrology birth chart of October 19, 1944, at 6:00 a.m. The element in the upper row of the Day Column is called Day Master, which is Yang Fire. Therefore, Fire represents the person. The zodiac sign in the second row of the Day Column is called the Palace of the Spouse, which is a house for your spouse to live in. Dragon is in the Palace of the Spouse.



There are four columns in the Chinese astrology birth chart. The Year Column keeps the information about your social relationship. The Month Column of the birth chart connects to parents and family members. The Day Column contains information about the spouse or marriage.

Attraction Relationship of Heavenly Stems

The Elements on the upper row of the birth chart are called Heavenly Stems. The Zodiacs in the lower row of the birth chart are called Earthly Branches, which are 12 zodiac signs. The following is the Attraction Relationship of Heavenly Stems.

Day MasterLoverChemistry

Yang Wood

Yin Earth


Yin Wood

Yang Metal


Yang Fire

Yin Metal


Yin Fire

Yang Water


Yang Earth

Yin Water


Factors of Love Relationship

The Day Master represents you. The Palace of the Spouse connects to your marriage. If they have an attraction relationship with another element or zodiac sign in the birth chart, then you have good chances to meet the opposite sexes. If you cannot find any attraction relationship, you have to wait for the element and zodiac appearing in the 10-Year Major Cycles or Yearly Cycles. That's the opportunity for your relationship.

Another important factor of a love relationship or marriage opportunity is the Spouse Star. If the Spouse Star is close to the Day Master in the birth chart, the person will often meet an the opposit sex. Without a Spouse Star in the birth chart, the person hardly has a love relationship until the Spouse Star appearing in the astrological cycles.

The Spouse Star is determined by the Day Master. A man's Spouse Star is the same as the Wealth Star. A women's Spouse Star is the same as the Career Star.

The gentleman's astrology birth chart of October 19, 1944, above shows Day Master is Yang Fire. His Spouse Star is Yin Metal. Since the Spouse Star appears on the Hour Column, he shouldn't have trouble finding his marriage. He got married in 1969, the year of Yin-Earth Chicken . Why is 1969 a marriage year?

Marriage Needs Attraction Relationships

This person was born on Yang-Fire Dragon day in the Yang-Wood Dog month of Yin-Wood Monkey year. 1969 is Yin-Earth Chicken Year. His Day Master is Yang Wood and his Spouse Star is Yin Metal.

The attractive relationships of the Stems and Branches are the sign of harmony, joy, and happiness. Since attractive relationships appearing on Year Column, Month Column, and Day Column at the same time implies that you, your lover, family, and friends have a good time during the year of the Yin-Earth Chicken. 1969 should be a sweet, romantic, and joyful year to celebrate a marriage.

The Chemistry of Love Relationship

The Dragon in the Palace of the Spouse has \ an attractive relationship with the Chicken of 1969. According to the Attraction Relationship of Zodiac Signs, the chemistry of attraction between Dragon and Chicken is related to Metal. That means Dragon and Chicken have a relationship because of Metal. The consequence of the love relationship will be connected to Metal. Both Dragon and Chicken will fall in love with Metal. But, what's the meaning of Metal to the Day Master?

In the Correspondence Chart of Five Elements and Day Master, Metal is the Money Star to the Day Master if the Day Master is Fire. Since the owner of the birth chart is a man. Metal also represents his wife, the Spouse Star. The Palace of the Spouse has an attractive relationship. The Spouse Star involves the love relationship. These two factors create the opportunity for marriage. A love relationship will happen. The event regarding money will happen too. If Metal is his Lucky Element, then the marriage will bring him wealth. If Metal is a lucky element, then he will have a huge expense in the love relationship.

The Chicken of 1969, Monkey of Year Column, and Dog of Month Column are the Gang of Three, which form a strong love relationship and transform into Metal. This increases the chance of marriage.

The Yang Wood of the Month Column has another attraction relationship with the Yin Earth of 1969. According to the Attraction Relationship of Heavenly Stems, the chemistry of attraction is related to Earth. From Correspondence Chart of Five Elements and Day Master, Earth is the Fame Star or Child Star to the Day Master. Therefore, Earth also connects the ground, talent, performance, and freedom. The person could leave his parents to live in his own house after marriage. Or the marriage is something about planning for a baby. If Earth is his Lucky Element, then the love relationship will bring him a good reputation.

The Correspondence Chart of Five Elements and Day Master gives us clues about the reasons for love relationships. Some people accept marriage because of love, wealth, career, child, parents, house, or fame.

Love Compatibility Tools

The first thing to reveal the secrets of the marriage secrets is to find the Day Master in the Chinese birth chart. You can see your Day Master from the Rise and Fall Life Chart or the 10-God Chinese astrology birth chart.

The next thing is to find the Element of the Spouse Star. And then look for Heavenly Stem Attractive Relationships and Earthly Branch Attractive Relationships between astrology birth chart and the astrological cycles.

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