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Andrew Cuomo Love, Marriage, Sexual Harassment, Resignation

Andrew Mark Cuomo is an American lawyer, author, and politician serving as the 56th governor of New York since 2011. He has been accused of sexual harassment by several women starting in December 2020. The New York State Assembly authorized an impeachment investigation into the allegations in March 2021. He announced his resignation on August 10, 2021

We are not doing an investigation about Cuomo's behaviors here. We want to discuss his marriage and women relationships. That might help us to understand why so many women disgusted his behaviors of sending the love signals. We found his Chinese astrology birth chart doesn't show a romantic and happy marriage sign...

We had discussed the marriage and divorce of Bill Gates as well as the sex crimes investigation of Matt Gaetz. Andrew Cuomo's woman relationship is different from the cases of Bill Gates and Matt Gaetz. Learning the pattern of Cuomo's birth chart can help people to choose and manage their marriages.

Andrew Cuomo was born on December 6, 1957, in Queens, New York City. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree at Fordham University in 1979. He earned a Juris Doctor degree at Albany Law School in 1982. He won the New York Attorney General election in 2006. Cuomo won the election for New York governor by a landslide in 2010. Andrew Cuomo married Kerry Kennedy, the daughter of Robert Kennedy, in 1990. They separated in 2003 and divorced in 2005. His younger brother, Chris Cuomo, is a CNN journalist. His Chinese astrology birth chart is below. Chinese Astrology is an application of Yin Yang and Five Elements, which are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth.

The Spouse Star in the Astrology Birth Chart


Day Master (Yang Water)

Mother (Yin Metal)

Spouse Star (Yin Fire)
Rat Pig Chicken

Yin Water

Yang Wood

Yang Water

Yim Metal

Andrew Cuomo was born on Yang-Water Rat Day in the Yin-Metal Pig Month of the Yin-Fire Chicken Year. The Yang-Water at the upper row of the Day Column is called the Day Master, which represents Andrew Cuomo. The second row of the Day Column under the Day Master is called the Palace of the Spouse, and the Rat is in there. Rat contains the information of the spouse.

We are interested in Andrew Cuomo's love relationship and marriage, therefore, we want to see which element represents Andrew Cuomo's wife and girlfriend. We can find the Spouse Star of the Day Master on the Intimacy Relationship and Marriage page. Water can extinguish Fire. Since men dominate women, Fire represents the girl of Water. Yang-Water of the Day Master and Yin-Fire of the Year Column have an attractive relationship. Therefore, Yin-Fire is the Spouse Star. Yang-Fire stands for Cuomo's girlfriend. There is no Yang-Fire of girlfriend in his birth chart. The Spouse Star is not close to the Day Master. That implies Cuomo doesn't have too many romantic relationships with girls unless the element of Fire appears in the astrological cycles.

Love Relationship and Marriage Life

The Day Column of the birth chart is connected to people's marriage life. The Rat in the Palace of the Spouse is the Yin-Water , which is cold water. The Star of the Spouse is Yin-Fire. Cuomo prepares a Rat Water house for his spouse. Fire is afraid of the Water. That implies Cuomo's wife will feel pressure during the marriage.

Fire is connected to girls to Cuomo. Fire is weak in his birth chart. Cuomo needs to wait for the Fire's cycles to have a love relationship. His marriage should be during the Fire cycles. Below is his 10-Year Major Cycles containing Fire.


Spouse Star (Yin Fire)

Girlfriend (Yang Fire)

Yin Wood
Sheep Horse Snake







Andrew Cuomo married Kerry Kennedy in 1900, which is a Metal Horse year. The horse is in the Fire group. The 10-Year Major Cycle from 1997 to 2006 was Yin-Fire Sheep. Yin-Fire and Yang-Water of the Day Master have an attractive relationship. Sheep also contains the Yin-Fire, which is the Spouse Star. Cuomo had a good marriage life with three children. He divorced in 2005, which was Wooden Chicken.

Right after the divorce, Cuomo found his Domestic partner, Sandra Lee in 2005. They are together till 2019. This is because his Major Cycle from 2007-2016 was Yang-Fire Horse. Yang-Fire and Yin-Metal of the Month Column have a Water-related attractive relationship. Horse and Pig have a hidden attractive relationship. That implies Cuomo had some relationships with women. However, Horse and the Rat at the Palace of the Spouse have a fighting relationship. That means the relationship won't turn out a happy ending.

The Major Cycle from 2017-2026 was Yin-Wood Snake. The Snake contains Yang-Fire, which is connected to Cuomo's girlfriend. Yang-Fire and Yin-Metal have an attractive relationship related to Water. Cuomo's love relationship with women is fading.

Fragile Love Relationships and Marriage

Andrew Cuomo had two more than 10 years of relationships with women. Unfortunately, women chose to leave him in the end. The main reason is the Water of Rat in the Palace of the Spouse. The second reason is the Yin-Metal of the Mother Star is next to Cuomo's Day Master. The Yin-Fire of the Spouse Star stands after the Mother Star. The priority of the mother and friends is higher than the spouse. It's hard for a woman to be Cuomo's wife when lacking attention from her husband.

Fire is the Lucky Element

Andrew Cuomo's Day Master is Water. Rat under the Day Master is the Water too. The sign is the cloud over the ocean. It could rain anytime. Cuomo was born in the cold December, which is the Rat month and Rat is in the Water group. 1957 is the year of the Chicken, which is in the Metal group. Metal is the mother element. Metal protects Water and keeps the Water cooler. Andrew Cuomo's birth chart is too cold. It needs Fire to warm it up. Wood can help Fire to burn. Therefore, Fire and Wood are Cuomo's Lucky Elements. He has a great career during the Fire cycle.

Sexual Harassment Allegations

The strength of Water in Cuomo's birth chart is quite strong. He has a very strong personality. He is aggressive, bossy, determined, and energetic. He needs to release the energy to balance his five elements. A man whose birth chart full of Metal and Water trends to look for a romantic or pleasant relationship once for a while.

Andrew Cuomo has been accused of sexual harassment by more than 10 women starting in December 2020. Many of them are Cuomo's former aides. The misconducts include inappropriate touching, unethical embrace, forcible kiss, sexual tease, unwanted flirting, and unwelcomed ogling. For example,

Most cases of allegations happened after 2016. That's is the current Major Cycle of Yin-Wood Snake from 2017 to 2026. Wood can help Fire to burn. Wood is a Lucky Element. Wood is related to Cuomo's reputation or popularity. People know him because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Snake is in the Fire group and contains the Yang-Fire, which is related to girls. Snake and Chicken of the Year Column have a Metal-related attractive relationship. Metal is not a Lucky Element. Metal is connected to a bad reputation. 2021 is the Year of the Metal Cow. Chicken, Snake, and Cow form a strong Metal combination, a Powerful Trio Relationship. It doesn't sound good for his reputation regarding misconduct.

Andrew Cuomo's Chinese astrology birth chart tells us that a good marriage needs the Spouse Star closing to the Day Master. A better marriage is that the Spouse Star is found in the Palace of the Spouse. So the spouse will spend more time at home during the marriage. If there is no Spouse Star in the birth chart, a marriage needs to wait for the Spouse Star appearing in the Major Cycle. Also, we need one or more attraction relationships with the Day Column or Month Column. The relationship of attraction implies a happy moment, celebration, or romantic event. In short, a marriage needs the Spouse Star and an attractive relationship.

Resignation in August 2021

Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation on August 10, 2021, after the state investigation released that Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women and violated state law.

Andrew Cuomo's birth chart shows too much Water. Metal and Water are unlucky elements. He will become overbearing and stubborn when additional Water appears. Metal is connected to a bad reputation.

August 2021 is the Fire Monkey month in the Metal Cow Year. The current Major Cycle is Wooden Snake.

The Cow of 2021, Snake of Major Cycle, and Chicken of Year Column form a very powerful Metal relationship. Metal brings him negative news. The Monkey of August and Rat of Day Column have a Water-related attraction relationship. The Yang Fire of August and Yin Metal of Month Column also have a Water-related attraction relationship. Strong Water could extinguish the only Fire on the Year Column. Fire is the Lucky Element. Fire is related to money. He needs to spend money on his reputation. August 2021 is a pretty bad month for Andrew Cuomo.

How to Find People's Spouse Star

You can find your Spouse Star from the 10-God Chinese Astrology Birth Chart. But the birth chart uses different symbols to display the Spouse Star, Girlfriend Star, or Boyfriend Star.

If you cannot find the Spouse Star in the birth chart, then you can look for it in the 10-Year Major Cycle. Those cycles of the Spouse Star could trigger a love relationship. Which Element is the Spouse Star? You can find the answer from the Love Compatibility Test 103.

Modified: August 10, 2021

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