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Day Master and Correspondence Chart of Five Elements

You will learn what Day Master is in the Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart here. Also, we will explain the correspondence meanings of Five Elements to Day Master, such as the element of wealth, career, fame, spouse, children, parents, and siblings. Now, we need to know the structure of the Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart first.

Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart is calculated from your birth year, birth month, birthday, and birth time using the Chinese Astrology Stem-Branch calendar. A birth chart contains four columns (pillars), which are eight symbols of Chinese characters (Bazi). The following example of the birth chart is from The Rise and Fall Life Chart application.

What is the Day Master?

The Chinese character of the Day means the sun. Sun is the center point of the solar system. The Day Master is the center point of the Chinese zodiac birth chart. The Day Master is the Element at the upper row of the Day Column. Day Master represents the person on the birth chart.

The Chinese Astrology Calendar uses a counting system by the cycles of ten Heavenly Stems and 12 Earthly Branches. Ten Heavenly Stems are metal, water, wood, fire, and earth in Yin and Yang forms 10 stems. Twelve Earthly Branches are 12 Chinese zodiac signs. Therefore, Chinese astrology has ten different elements of Day Master.

The Structure of the Birth Chart

There are two rows and four columns in the Chinese astrology birth chart. The upper row has four Heavenly Stems, which are the appearance showing in public. The lower row has four Earthly Branches, which are hidden personalities. The first column on the right is the Year Column. The second column is the Month Column. The third column is the Day Column. The last column on the left is the Hour Column.

Therefore, the Zodiac Sign of the Year Column is called the Palace of Friendship. The Zodiac Sign of the Month Column is the Palace of Parents. The Zodiac Sign of the Day Column is the Palace of the Spouse. The Zodiac Sign of the Hour Column is the Palace of Children.

Wealth, Career, Fame, and Protection Sheild

Chinese astrology is an application of Five Elements. All 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs can be converted into Five Elements. You can find the conversion table on the page of Five Elements in the Chinse Zodiac Signs.

There is a Mother-and-Child Relationship among Five Elements. One element will produce, protect, and help the other.

The Mother Element raises, protects, and educates the Day Master. If Day Master performs well in public, then the person can win a good reputation. He can earn money easily using good fame. If the person has a good and stable income, then the person can do his own business. After good career achievement, he can use his power or reinvest his money to enrich his body, spirit, and lifestyle. The theory of the circulating sequence from Parents, Day Master, Fame, Money to Career is one of the keys to predicting people's fortune.

Correspondence Chart of Five Elements

If we know the element of the Day Master, then we can figure out the corresponding meanings of other elements to the Day Master.

Other Five Elements
Day MasterMetal WaterWoodFireEarth






Above is the simplified cross-reference table between Day Master and Five Elements. Five Elements can break down by Yin And Yang. The relationship between Day Master and 10 Heavenly Stems discusses in the Introduction of Chinese Zodiac Ten Gods.

You can find your Day Master from the Rise and Fall Life Chart or the 10-God Chinese astrology birth chart.

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