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How to Get Rich using Law of Attraction and Angel Numbers

Where does your money come from?

receive money When we are young, we have money from our parents. After we grow up, we receive money from our salary and gain the returns from our investments. But we always feel money isn’t enough for ourselves and family. We have to work for money till the retirement age. Some people even have to extend their retirement ages.

Many people agree that we need good luck to have a better luxury life. Some people have good career with high income. Some own the business to earn millions a year. Some can easily earn money by their images and reputations. Some sell their inventions, or show their talents to bring in huge incomes. Some win good returns from short-term or long-term investments. The lucky ones are to inherit a good wealth from your rich parents or relatives. Some become rich because of marriage, business deal or monopolizing resources, owning patents, etc. Some even become wealthy by gambling.

If a person wasn't born in a rich family, isn't smart enough, doesn’t have good looking outlook, doesn't have enough money for safer long-term investment, then the only way to become real rich is to win the mega millions jackpot.

When is your money luck coming?

money growth If you have time to read this web page, I guess you are not rich yet and you are thinking about any money luck could bring you a windfall. Chinese astrology has Daily, Monthly, Yearly and 10-Year Major Cycles. If you have money luck on a certain day, then you might be happy about your luck for hours. If you have money luck in a certain month, then money might let you happy for some days. If the money luck shows in the yearly cycle, then you should enjoy money for several months. If the money luck comes from 10-year Major cycle, then you will enjoy money for many years. That means to win a decent amount of lottery is required good luck in either Yearly Cycle or 10-Year Major Cycle. To win the super jackpot needs good money luck in both yearly and 10-year major cycles.

Therefore, looking for money luck should be from the Yearly Cycle and 10-Year Major Cycle. The Daily Cycle and Monthly Cycle just tell us when the money luck arrives. When the four stars align, an unexpected event takes place. Since it is related to money. It probably is a good news regarding to wealth.

Sometimes, we can tell people have any chance to win the lottery by only reading people's birth chart without studying yearly and 10-year major cycles. Some birth charts show the person has a challenging hardship life. Some birth charts shows money keeps coming toward the person. If a person doesn’t know and doesn’t have experience to manage the money, he will lose the lottery income soon or later. This is why most of fortune tellers are not really that rich, because they know they don't have the chance.

Can we try for Free lottery game?

money billYes. If you don't have the money luck in the yearly cycles and 10-year major cycles, then you don't have long-term money luck. But everyone has money luck from monthly or daily cycles. You still can take advantage on it, and try on the short-term luck. You still need to figure out when your Money Star appears on the astrological cycles. In addition, you can use choose a harmonious, auspicious happy day to try for lottery. You should have much better luck than ordinary people. You still have good chance to win a small amount of returns. Certainly, the day must be the same day to announce the lottery winning numbers. Remember that the odd of the lottery is low. Your daily money luck won't last too long. (We don't provide you the money luck in hourly cycle) If you play too many times a day, you probably will lose it. Don't addict it, even the free lottery game.

Law of Attraction

money ideaIf you want to be rich, then you have to learn life style of the rich people and keep that in your subconscious. You need a faith that you can live in that way. You need to read the biographies of sucessful rich people and study how they became rich. One day, you will suddenly figure out your way.

If you want to work for being rich, then you are chasing the money. It's hard to become rich. You need to let money chase you. That means you need to show your best side to attract people paying attention on you. When people gathing around you, you have a good chance to create business opportunities from them. That's the law of attraction. So asking yourself what you can attract people.

Many people know how to take advantage on their best attractions; but they still cannot earn enough money they dream. Why? You must have something to help or benefit people, then you can attract people's attentions. You must help people before, then those people will listen to you. The keyword is the HELP. The more you help people, the more people support you.

You cannot make a wish to become rich after your accomplishment of career. You need to take a big oath to promise helping more people during the career development. For example, your business goal is to help all homeless people in your town to have accommodations. Then you will become famous person in town. If your target is to help all sick people in the nation to become healthy, then you will have a nationwide business. If you can help all poor people in the world to feel abundant, then you you will become an international celebrity. To dream your world in one group, you make contribution to your group and you will naturally receive the return. Your income will depend on how many people you serve.

Angel Numbers

happy face If you dont have idea when your money luck comes, then the Angel Numbers tell you when. Angel Numbers are short sequences of numbers that carry angel's guidance by referring to certain special meanings. Angel Numbers seem to stand out to you at a meaningful time. Or You will keep seeing those sequences of numbers. They said that is your Guardian Angel sending message to you.

In some special occasions, angels will wake up you subconscious to pay attention on certain numbers or signs. You might see that numbers from time of the clock, street numbers, store numbers, license plate number, phone number, ticket number or purchase amount. For example 111, 222, 333, 444 and 555 have meanings behind them.

The following Angel Numbers are related to prosperity, wealth, abundance, money, cash flow, huge sum of money or increasing business. If you keep seeing 28, 48, 71, 81, 88, 520, 318, 612, 518, 714, 528, 808, 763, 414, 427, 321, 893, 619, 798, 519 or 2122, then that might be a wake-up call from your Guardian Angel.

Houses Make You Richer

house Some people cannot see good fortune from Chinese astrology. They will seek for the Feng Shui approach to push their luck to upper level. Feng Shui teaches people how to re-arrange the interior designs for better flowing energy inside the house. Here we show you how to choose a house or a room to bring you good luck in wealth.

Feng Shui can see the auspicious houses by the combination of house orientation and front door direction. The Purple-White Flying Stars of advanced Feng Shui application tells us the fortune of the house will be changing with the passage of time. We have Yearly Feng Shui Guide to show you how to find a house of wealth.