Chinese Zodiac Calendar Convert Bazi Birth Chart to Birthday

Normally, people give us the birthday and birth time, then we build the Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart to analyze their fortune. Once for a while, we would like to know the birthday while studying the Chinese Four Pillar Birth Chart for an achieving purpose. It's a little bit complicated to develop this tool by the reversing engineering of the Chinese Stem-Branch calendar. We proudly provide this free service for people learning Chinese Five Element Astrology.

How to Convert Chinese Zodiac Chart to Birthday?

This is the first Chinese Zodiac Calendar application to help people to convert the Chinese Horoscope Birth chart to the birthday. You can simply build the Zodiac Birth Chart below, and then click the 'Submit' button to get the birthday. If you cannot read the Chinese Bazi characters using in the birth chart, then click the radio button of Toggle Symbols to show the graphic images.

  • Select or follow the radio button in the birth chart
  • Begin from the upper (Stem) row of the Year Column
  • Click on the Stem Symbol to copy Stem Element to the Stem of Year
  • The Radio button should move to the lower (Branch) row of Year Column
  • Click on the Animal Symbol to copy the animal sign to the Branch of Year
  • Repeat the procedure for Month, Day, and Hour Columns
  • Click the Submit button to get the birthday.

The other way is to use the dropdown list boxes to choose the Stem elements and animal signs. Then click the Submit button to find the birthday.

Toggle Symbols

Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart