2019 Donald Trump Chinese Zodiac Prediction

Many friends asked about the possibility of Donald Trump impeachment in 2018. We have the answer in the end of Donald Trump Chinese Astrology. Basically, 2018 is the Chinese Brown Earth Dog year. Dog is in the Earth group. 2018 is a very strong Earth year. The element of Earth is the Lucky Element of Donald Trump. During 2018, Trump negotiated better trade deals with Mexico, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Europe and China. The US unemployment rate in the US declined to 3.7 percent in October of 2018. The unemployment rate of 3.7 percent is 49-year low. As of November, 2018, general polling reported that more voters opposed the impeachment of President Trump than supported ones. Trump did well in 2018. However, the presidential job approval ratings of Donald Trump is much lower than average for U.S. presidents. Now, we want to study Donald Trump's Chinese Horoscopes in 2019.

2019 is the Chinese Zodiac Pig year. The Pig Year of 2019 starts on February 4, 2019. The Chinese Zodiac Name of 2019 is , which is Female Earth Pig . In Chinese Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fore and Earth) theory, Earth is related to brown. We can call 2019 is the year of Brown Pig. Earth has Female (Yin) and Male (Yang). Female Earth is wet soil, flatland or farmland. The element of Earth is favorable to Donald Trump. The first half of 2019, he will handle well as 2018. Chinese Zodiac Pig is the Water group. Water is not a lucky element to Donald Trump. Mixing with water, wet soil becomes sticky and muddy. The second half of 2019, Trump will face new challenge because the Water of Pig is in charge of the fortune.

Review Donald Trump Chinese Astrology Chart

President Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946 at 10:54 a.m. daylight saving time. 1946 is the year of Male Fire Dog. He was born on Female Earth Sheep Day at Female Earth Snake Hour in the summer of Male Wooden Horse Month.

Donald Trump Chinese Zodiac Chart
Earth Snake Earth Sheep Wood Horse Fire Dog

The upper row of Day Column is called Day Master in Chinese Astrology. Therefore, the Female Earth of Day Column represents Donald Trump. Dog and Sheep are in the Earth group. Horse, Sheep and Snake have strong relationship of Fire. Fire is the Mother Element of Earth. Wood of Month and Earth of Day Master have attraction relationship of Earth. The entire birth chart is full of Earth and Fire. Earth is extremely strong. He has very strong personality and determination. This birth chart is an Extremely Strong special case. His Lucky Elements are Earth and Fire. Additional Earth coming from Chinese astrology cycle will make him becoming more powerful person. 2018 is the Male Earth Dog year. Dog is related to the Male Earth, too. Male Earth is connected to the mountain. He stands on the top of the world. 2019 is the Female Earth Pig. Female Earth is connected to flatland. Trump will lose his altitude and some supports. He will face more challenges in 2019.

What will happen on Donald Trump in 2019 Pig Year?

2019 is the Female Earth Pig year. Female Earth of 2019 is the same element of Day Master. That means Trump has many supporters standing by his side. Pig is in the Water group. Female Earth of Day Master can absorb Water. Water represents money to Trump. Water is not the Lucky Element. That means Water brings him trouble in money management, business deal, economic policy or trade negotiations. Water also represents women to Trump. That implies women will give him headache again.

The fortune of 2019 is ruled by the 10-Year Major Cycle, Yearly Cycle and Monthly Cycles. Trump's current Major Cycle 2013-2022 is Female Metal Cow . Metal is related to Trump's behavior, reputation or media speech. Female Metal and Male Fire in the birth chart have attraction relationship of Water. Water is related to women or spending money or new investment. He uses his image for career and business. Cow is the Earth group. Earth helps Trump to build up his wealth. Cow and Snake in the birth chart have fighting relationship. He often has conflict with people during Metal Cow Major Cycle from 2013 to 2022.

Donald Trump 10-Year Major Cycle
Earth Dog Earth Pig Metal Rat Metal Cow

2019 is the Year of Female Earth Pig. Female Earth is related to his friends and supporters. Female Earth and Male Wood in the birth chart have attraction relationship of Earth. Male Wood is related to career or pressures. His friends help him to escalate the pressures or deal with lawsuits. Pig contains Male Wood and Male Water. Pig brings him pressures in career and money. Pig and Snake in the birth chart have conflict relationship. Pig brings people to argue with him.

Pig is in the Water group. Horse in the birth chart is in the Fire group. Pig and Horse should clash each other. But Horse contains Female Fire and Female Earth . Pig contains Male Water and Male Wood . Pig and Horse have hidden double attraction relationships. That implies disagreement and harmony are mixing in his family or administration. Too many attraction and clash relationships mixing together mean those relationships will entangle for a while.

2019 Monthly Cycles vs. 1993-1997 Cycles

2019 is Earth Pig . The zodiac sign of Major Cycle 1993-2002 is Earth Pig, too. The zodiac signs of 1993-1997 appear in the 2019 monthly cycles. That implies something similar happened during 1993-1997 will repeat in 2019. Therefore, we like to review Donald Trump's past. That's clues for us to predict his 2019.

The Major Cycle from 1983 to 1992 is Earth Dog . Dog is in the Earth group. Earth Dog is a strong Earth combination. He built his empire.

Although he filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy for Taj Mahal Casino in 1991, Donald Trump built the prestige image during the Major Cycle of Earth Dog. 2018 was the Year of Earth Dog, too. Trump's overall presidential job performance in economy did well in 2018 and he deserves some credit.

The Major Cycle from 1993 to 2002 was Earth Pig . The Major Cycle from 2003 to 2012 was Metal Rat . Both Pig and Rat are in the Water group. Water is connected to Trump's money. Since Water is an unlucky element, therefore, Water is debt or expense to Trump. Water is also related to Trump's women. Wood is connected to Trump's career or lawsuit. Wood brings pressure on him. But he knows how to manage the pressures. This is because he has strong Fire protecting him.

Metal is the Child Element of Earth. Metal is anything out of Earth. Metal is related to Trump's outlook, speech, behavior, exposure in public. Metal also helps him to increase popularity, relax and enjoy life style. Monkey and Chicken are in the Metal group. Monkey and Snake of Hour Column have attraction relationship of Water, bad for money luck. Chicken and Snake of Hour Column have attraction relationship of Metal, which is good for love relationship.

Donald Trump becomes a billionaire real estate mogul, because Lucky Element is Earth. Most Trump's bankruptcies were related to casinos. That's a Water business, because casino is a night and cash flow business.

1) 1991 Female Metal Sheep
When the Trump Taj Mahal at Atlantic City was in debt for billions of dollars, Trump filed for bankruptcy in 1991. Trump had to sell off his yacht and airline for loan payments. Trump did surrender half of his ownership interests in the Taj Mahal. (Female Metal and Male Fire in the birth chart have Water attraction relationship)

2) 1992 Male Water Monkey
Trump owed $550 million on the Trump Plaza Hotel. Trump declared bankruptcy on the property in 1992. Trump filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on his Trump Plaza Hotel. Trump gave Citibank a 49% interest in the hotel. Trump stayed on as CEO.

3) 2004 Male Wooden Monkey
Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts filed for bankruptcy again in 2004, after accruing about $1.8 billion in debt. Trump reduced his share in the company to 25%.

4) 2009 Female Earth Cow
While Major Cycle was the Metal Water Rat, Trump Entertainment Resorts filed bankruptcy in 2009. He retained 10% ownership interest in the corporation.

Donald Trump took the advantage of the law and made good negotiation with the banks to maximum his interest for each bankruptcy. He knows how to dig out gold from ruined battlefield. He prides himself on being the master of the deal. To retain public persona is a very valuable asset to him.

2019 is Female Earth Pig. The first date of Pig year is on February 4, 2019. There are multiple attraction and clash relationships among birth chart, 10-year major cycle, yearly cycle and monthly cycle. Because of mingling relationships, happening events happened could last for months or years.

2019 Monthly Cycles 1986-1997 Cycles
Month2019 Comments Year Notes

Male Fire Tiger
Male Fire and Female Metal has Water relationship. Trump's supporters concern economy.

Tiger and Pig have Wood attraction relationship. The event related to law or investigation will happen. Career makes him busy. Tiger, Horse and Dog have Fire relationship. Trump still has strong supporting foundation.

Tiger and Snake together have bad people relationship. The argument continues.

1986 Major Cycle was Earth Dog

Female Fire Rabbit
Female Fire brings good reputation from supporters. Events related to reputation, media or publishing

Rabbit is in the Wood group. Rabbit and Dog have Fire relationship. Rabbit and Pig have Wood relationship. Events continue from previous month.

1987 published book of The Art of the Deal

Male Earth Dragon
Dragon is in the Earth group. Dragon and Dog have fighting relationship. Events are foreign policy or border issue.
Dragon is a Water Dam. Events are related to money, economy or trade.
1988 bought the Plaza Hotel

Female Earth Snake
Snake is in the Fire group. Pig is on the Water group. Snake and Pig have hurting relationship. Events are related to good reputation, media, book or trade talk disagreement.1989 bought airplanes for Trump Shuttle and appeared on Time Magazine

Male Metal Horse
Male Metal is related to performance, media and reputation. Horse is in the Fire group. Horse and Pig have double attraction relationship of Wood and Earth. The support is stronger than pressures.1990

opened the Trump Taj Mahal casino and published book of Surviving at the Top


Female Metal Sheep
Female Metal and Male Fire have Water relationship. Events are related to money, economy, trade or women. Sheep and Cow has conflict relationship. Supporters have different opinions.1991 Taj Mahal opened in 1990, Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Male Water Monkey
Monkey contains Metal and Water. Monkey and Snake have Water relationship. It's strong Water month. Events are money, economy, trade or women. China might retaliate against US in the trade war. 1992 Divorced from Ivana

Female Water Chicken
Chicken, Cow and Snake have strong Metal relationship. It's good at love relationship. Strong Metal makes strong Pig Water. The money and economy pressure increase.1993 Major Cycle Earth Pig began.

Married Marla Maples


Male Wood Dog
Male Wood is career pressure, investigation or law related event. Dog is in the Earth group. Male Wood and Female Earth have Earth relationship. Fighting back from career, economy or money loss. Looking for best deal. 1994 Bankruptcy for Trump Plaza Hotel

Female Wood Pig
Pig is Water. Female Wood continues to bring some career pressure. Pig also contains the Male Wood. The career pressure or law related event continues from the previous month. Pig of month and Pig of year force Trump to double down the bid for finance or economy issues.1995 founded Entertainment Resorts

Male Fire Rat
Rat is Water. Male Fire and Female Metal have a Water relationship. Trump's supporters worry about the economy. Rat and Horse have clash relationship. Events related to money, economy or women are unfavorable to Trump. Strong Water brings pressures on Fire. Trump is losing his support, which will lower Trump's job approval rating.1996 bought Miss Universe Organization
Female Fire Cow
Cow is in the Earth group. Female Fire and Cow bring back some supports. Cow and Sheep have conflict. That's an argument sign with people around.1997 divorced with Maples and published book of The Art of the Comeback

The Day Master of Trump's birth chart is Female Earth , which is flatland or ground. The ground won't get hurt when people can stomp on it. Female Earth has strong endurance and resistance. The first half of 2019 is dominated by Wood and Fire. Wood brings pressures on Trump. Fire will protect Trump while Wood's attacking. The second half of 2019 is ruled by Metal and Water. Water brings most trouble to Trump.


2019 Trade War, Economy and Impeachment

2018 was the Male Earth Dog year. Dog is in the Earth group. Dog also contains the Male Earth. Male Earth is connected to mountain. Earth is Trump's lucky element. Trump received strong Earth support in 2018. The mountain of 2018 collapses into the flatland of 2019. In the year of Pig, President Donald Trump will encounter more challenges than 2018.

Any bad news of President Donald Trump could bring bad news to the US and world stock markets. From 1991 to 1994, Trump did not run his business well. He failed his investments during the Water cycle. People doubted his leadership. The Water of 2019 will be getting strong from August; he probably will feel new challenges in trade wars, economy, or money-related issues. Water is strong and Fire is weak in the winter. Usually, his job approval rating is lower in November and December. 2020 is a presidential election year. 2020 is the year of the Rat, which is a Water year. The democratic party should look for the best time to impeach Trump. Americans focus on their money in their pockets. The possibility of presidential impeachment is linked to Trump's achievement in the economy in the second half of 2019.

Trump was impeached by the House on December 18, 2019

President Donald Trump was impeached for obstruction of congress and abuse of power related to his dealings with Ukraine by the House of Representatives. December 18, 2019, was a Female Earth Cow Day in the Male Water Rat month of the Female Earth Pig Year. Pig and Rat are Yin and Yang Water. Rat, Pig, and Cow together are the Water gang of three. The Water of December is very cold. The Earth of Cow became a frozen soil. The Male Fire of December cannot deliver too much heat on the ground. Trump was impeached since the lack of full support.

The cold of Water in December will pass to the Rat of 2020. 2020 is White Metal Rat year, which is a very strong Water year. 2020 is a challenging year for Donald Trump. However, to remove President Donald Trump from the office is required the impeachment votes in the Senate, which is Republican-led. His Water pressure will disappear after Spring 2020.