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The Meaning of Water

If you don't know your Lucky Element, then you should find it from Your Rise and Fall Chart of Chinese Five Element Astrology application first. The Lucky Element is the secret key to reveal our Chinese astrology birth chart. The explanation of the Lucky Element is at the Chinese Astrology Five Element Basic Concept.

If we want to know how to Lucky Element Water bring us good fortune, we need to learn the meaning of the Water first. The Chinese character of the Water of the Five Elements (Wu Xing) is , which is a pictographic character of river. Characteristics of the Water are liquid, flowing, downward movement, turning movement, invasion, etc. It's not limited to Water matters. All transportations and logistics are in the Water category. It includes shipping, traveling, moving, driving, etc.

Chinese Five Elements theory is part of the Yin Yang philosophy. Water is distinguished by Yin (Female) Water and Yang (Male) Water. Yin Water is related to still water or slowly moving water. A small stream, pond, well water, drizzle, deep ocean water, and rain on the ground are Yin Water. Yang Water is fast-flowing water. Running water, river, waterfall, flood, cloud, rainstorm, ocean wave, and ocean flow are Yang Water.

Yin Water and Rat

Yin Water is the last element in the sequence of 10 Heavenly Stems. The one after Yin Water is Yang Wood of another new cycle. Yin Water is treated as a period of death and rebirth. Therefore, Yin Water is connected to strong memory.

Rat Rat is the first animal sign of 12 Earthly Branches. In the Chinese Yin Yang theory, the even number is Yin and the odd number is Yang. The rat’s front leg has 4 toes and the hind leg has 5 toes indicating a change from an even number to an odd number. The Rat can cross over the Yin and Yang world. Therefore, Rat is considered a half-Yang and half-Yin animal.

The Five Element inside the Rat is Yin Water. Rat is ranked number one in one system and ranked the bottom in the other. Rat Hour is from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., Rat hour crosses two different days. It contains late night and early morning. Rat Month is December, the snow month of the winter. Yin Water is cold icy water. Rat is an unpredictable animal. We need to carefully choose Yin Water as the Lucky Element.

If a weak Yin Wood (grass) represents you and the Lucky Element is Water, Yin Wood might get frostbite or freeze to death by providing too much Yin Water. If a weak Yin Earth (farmland) represents you and the Lucky Element is Water, Yin Earth might become frozen soil when strong Yin Water appears. In this situation, we need Yang Fire (sun) to warm up cold Yin water before helping other elements.

How Can Water Improve Your Fortune?

When the Water is your Lucky Element, then anything related to Water is the clue to increase your luck. For example, Pig and Rat are in the Water group. Therefore, Pig and Rat are your lucky animals. If you need help, then you can ask people born in the years of Pig or Rat. The Five Elements Chart for Medicine, Acupuncture, and Astrology is a quick reference to know what your lucky color, food, room, direction, place, time and season are.

Lucky Time of Water

  • Winter or cold season is your lucky season.
  • Years of the Pig and Rat are your lucky years.
  • Months of the Pig and Rat are your lucky months.
  • Days of the Water, Pig, and Rat are your lucky days.
  • 21:00 - 1:00 (9 P.M. to 1 A.M.) are your lucky hours.
  • Pig, Monkey, and Dragon together brings you unexpected good fortune

Lucky Place of Water

  • Cities in the northerly direction are your lucky place.
  • The house or room of the northern orientation is your lucky place.
  • It will bring you luck to live in a house that faces north.
  • You should choose a bedroom on the west of the house.
  • When arranging the office desk, you should sit facing the north.
  • It's good for you to keep the north side window(s) open.
  • Winds or air coming from the north are good to you.

Health Related to Water

  • A little salty food is good for you.
  • For your health, don't scare yourself.
  • For your health, sometimes you need cold weather.
  • For your health, however, don't go out in cold weather too long.
  • Take care of your excretory system - also your kidneys, bones, and ears.
  • Orient your body with your head toward the north while sleeping.

Career of Water

  • Your job will be easier if you choose a business having to do with Water.
  • Pertinent jobs include Fishermen, Seafood, Shipping, Water Power, Drinking, Tea House, Magician, Salesperson, Businessperson, Mathematics, Philosophy, Public Relations, Diplomat, Ocean, River, Swimming, Services, Detector, Moving company, Travel...

Living Style

  • A metal or a water bed is good for you.
  • Your lucky color is black or blue.
  • You should wear black or blue often.
  • You should use a blue color scheme for decorating your room.
  • Wearing jewelry will bring you luck.
  • Driving a black or dark blue car brings your luck.
  • You will have better luck if your name has an 'O' sound.
  • You will have better luck if your name is associated with the meaning of Water.
  • A person with a higher Water score in the birth chart is likely to be a good companion.
  • Activities: swimming, diving, beach activities, water-skiing, skiing, ice-skating, fishing, boating...

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How to increase the energy of the Water

If a Chinese astrology birth chart has a weak (lower score) Water, then the Water becomes the Lucky Element in most of the cases. To increase the energy of the Water around you will help to balance your Five Elements. However, too much Water might cause your Five Elements out of balance too.

Five Elements have Mother-and-Child supporting and Master-and-Slave fighting relationships. Metal is the Mother element of Water. Metal can protect and increase the energy of Water. Metal might be your second Lucky Element. That means you will be safe, comfortable in the Water and Metal environments. Water is afraid of Earth. Wood is the Child element of Water. Wood consumes the energy of Water. That means Wood and Earth environments weaken the Water. Therefore, to protect your Water, you should keep away Earth and Wood.

The attractive and fighting relationships of Heavenly Stems make the fortune prediction complicate. For example, Yang Water and Yin Fire together have love attraction in a relationship. The chemistry in love relationships is connected to the Wood. That connotes Yin Wood could become your Lucky Element. Yin Water and Yang Earth together have love attraction in a relationship. The chemistry in love relationships is connected to Fire. That implies that someone around could help you, but he walks away with someone he likes eventually.

Chinese people use Feng Shui elements to enhance the Five Element around us. If Water is the Lucky Element, we can choose a Pig or Rat mascot to decorate the room. We can have a fish aquarium inside the house. Some people have a swimming pool, water fountain or fish pond in the backyard. People might choose their residences at riverside, lakeside or beach.

We also can spiritually increase our Water energy. We can listen to music related to Water while meditation, relaxing or before sleeping. We can choose any sound or music related to rain, ocean waves, Waterfall, running water, or wind instruments. The following are the samples in the YouTube channels.

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