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2017 Chinese New Year - Year of the Red Fire Chicken

When is the Chinese New Year 2017?

The first day of the 2017 Chinese New Year is on Saturday, January 28, 2017 in China's time zone. This day is the new moon day of the first Chinese lunar month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar system. The exact new moon time is at 08:08 on 28-Jan-17 in China's time zone.

Chinese calendar combines solar, lunar and 60 Stem-Branch counting systems. The 60 Stem-Branch calendar uses the names of Yin Yang Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) and 12 animals to rank the sequences. Five elements are connected to five colors - White, Black, Green, Red, and Brown. So Chinese use the color animal name to count the year. The name of 2017 is the Yin Fire Chicken. Red is connected to Fire. Therefore, 2017 is also called Red Fire Chicken Year.

The first day of the Red Fire Chicken is not the Chinese New Year in Chinese Astrology. The first day of the Tiger month is the first day of the Chinese Astrology year. This day is called Start of Spring, which is the date when the sun enters the 315th degree on the tropical zodiac. This day is around February 4, each year. 2017 Chinese Red Chicken starts on February 3, 2017 in China's time zone. That means Chinese Lunar New Year is not the first day of Red Chicken Year. If a baby is born January 31, 2017, then baby's zodiac sign is the Monkey, not Chicken.

YearZodiac Animal SignNew Year First Zodiac
2018Brown Earth DogFeb. 16, 2018 FridayFeb. 4, 2018
2019Brown Earth PigFeb. 05, 2019 TuesdayFeb. 4, 2019
2020White Metal RatJan. 25, 2020 SaturdayFeb. 4, 2020

How Old is China?

The Chinese believe that the first king of China was the Yellow King (he was not the first emperor of China). The Yellow King became king in 2697 B.C., therefore China will enter the 4714th year on January 28, 2017. Also, the Chinese Year uses the cycle of 60 Stem-Branch counting systems and the Female Fire Chicken is the 34th Stem-Branch in the cycle. Since 4714 = (60 *78) + 34, therefore 2017 of Fire Chicken Year is the 4714th Chinese Year.

Some web sites say the year 2017 is the 4715th Chinese year. If you cannot find the explanation, here is a possible answer for you. The Yellow King's inauguration was held in the spring of 2697 B.C. But the calendar of Yellow King used the winter solstice day as the first day of the year. The winter solstice was on around December 23rd, 2698 B.C. Today's January 1st means nothing to Yellow King. If we count that extra eight days in 2698 B.C. for a year, then year 2017 is the 4715th Chinese year.

2017 is the 4714th Chinese Year. However, Chinese civilization is up to 8000 years. (Dadiwan culture) The Dadiwan relics shows the civilization of houses, palaces, cooking tools, color pottery, weapons, artifacts and agriculture. Archaeologists doubt the I-Ching was invested there.

What's meaning of Brown Earth Dog?

The Red Fire Chicken name is from the Chinese Stem-Branch calendar. The first Stem-Branch name is found in the document around 1739 B.C. The original stems and branches only use for counting the days. Using Stem-Branch to count for Month, Hour and Year sequences began around 206 B.C. during Chin dynasty and Han dynasty. That idea might come from Chinese Yin Yang Five Element scholars. Therefore, all zodiac signs can be converted into five elements. For example, Chicken is equivalent to Female Metal. If we find all the Red Chicken connections from Chinese Calendar, Five Elements and I-Ching philosophy, then we can foresee what signs will come in the year of the Red Chicken.

2017 is Female Fire Chicken. Female Fire is the fire for cooking, warm temperature, lighting or decoration. It's related to civilization. Chicken is the Female Metal. According to Five Element theory, Female Metal is the gold, jewelry, gems or fine metal. It's related to value, beauty or wealth. Therefore, Red Chicken is the light illuminating the jewelry. That implies showing off beauty or flaunting wealth. 2017 is connected to finance, fashion, high-tech and discovery.

The Original Chinese Horoscope 12 Branches page explains where 12-branch signs come from using the life cycle of the plant. Chicken Month is September. Fruits on the tree are ripening. That's the fall harvest time. That's the income season. That's the joyful time for diligent people. Red Chicken implies warm temperature on the fruits. That means people cannot keep the fruits too long and fruit will be rotten soon. That tells us the money opportunity won't be there forever. It's required another working cycle to have it.

Chicken is the 10th animal in the zodiac signs (branches). Chicken is the Female Metal, which is the 8th element in the list of Yin Yang stems. Number 8 is a very lucky number to Chinese in Feng Shui application. That is why 2008 Beijing Olympics started on 08/08/2008 at 08:08:08 p.m. In short, number 8 is connected to big wealth and prosperity. Therefore, Chicken of 2017 might lay a golden eggs for you.

Chicken is related to the season of autumn. In China, the wind comes from the west in the autumn. Chicken is connected the west. Chicken Hour is between 17:00 to 19:00 p.m. That's the sunset time. That implies it's the time to take a rest. It's also about the dinner time. That's the relaxing and joyful moment. In Chinese I-Ching, Female Metal is connected to Lake. That's another sign of happy time. Therefore, 2017 of Chicken will be an auspicious year to many people.

Certainly, we can see some negative signs in the Red Chicken year. The leaves of the tree fall faster because of the wind of the autumn. The wind dominates the season. Therefore Metal is connected to the wind. Monkey is Male Metal and connected to strong wind. Chicken is Female Metal and connected to slow airflow, which implies unhealthy air or virus in the air. Red Chicken means virus spreading at warm temperature. Metal in the Five Element theory is also connected to the lung. That tells us we need to pay attention the health of our lungs in 2017.

Female Metal is connected to the fog, because Female Metal air might contain the moisture from the lakes. The fog can block our vision. That implies some people will hesitate to make the decision. Red Chicken means we have the fire or light in the fog and shouldn't get lost the fog.

Red is connecting to the blood. Female Metal is also connected to stones, tumor and alcohol. That is related to hospital. People must not drink and drive after happy hours.

Fire can melt the metal. Female Metal of Chicken doesn't like the Fire of 2017. Red Chicken means two arguing persons coming to meet you. Both of them won't help you together. Therefore, your luck in 2017 will be mixing good and bad.

2017 Chinese Horoscope Forecasts

Chinese Fortune Calendar provides two different 2017 predictions. The first method is the simple Chinese Zodiac Prediction to analyze the relationship between Red Chicken and your zodiac sign. The second method is the traditional Chinese Five Element Astrology. It will read your complete Chinese Astrology birth chart, find Your Lucky Element, then forecast your luck in the Red Chicken year. This way is required your correct birthday and birth time.

Chinese New Year Festival Before and After

Chinese New Year Festival in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Singapore spans 15-days long until the New Year Lantern Festival. The detail is at The Celebration of 15-Day Chinese New Year Festivals page.

The schedule for the Chinese New Year Festival and Parade in US major China towns usually is on the weekend before or after Chinese New Year. If you are interested in these events, you should check the schedule at the Lunar New Year Parade Location and Schedule page.

2017 Feng Shui for Chinese New Year

1-White Star flies into the center palace of the 9-Star diagram in 2017. Therefore, the kua number of 2017 is 1-White.


Lucky directions are
1 (White) is connected to Business, Romance, Social Relationships.
4 (Green) is connected to Intelligence, Academic Achievement.
6 (White) is connected to Windfall, Money, Power, Position.
8 (White) is connected to Money, Wealth.
9 (Purple) is connected to Happiness, Marriage.

Unlucky directions are
2 (Black) is connected to Illness and Sickness.
3 (Green) is connected to Quarrel, Dispute, Lawsuit.
5 (Yellow) is connected to Sick, Trouble, Bad Luck.
7 (Red) is connected to Robbery, Villain.
The most unlucky direction is Yellow 5 at the southern side. Do not have any remodeling in the western area of your house.

More detailed information is available in the Chinese Farmer Calendar Farmer Calendar CD.

Chinese Fortune Calendar

By Master Allen Tsai on November 18, 2021

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