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2024 Chinese Zodiac Predictions - Wooden Dragon [Master Tsai]

2024 Chinese Zodiac Dragon New Year and Meaning

2024 is the year of the Wooden Dragon. The 2024 Chinese New Year Day is on Saturday, February 10, 2024.. That is the 4721st Chinese year. The first day of the Chinese astrological year is also the first day of Tiger Month. The first day of the Wooden Dragon is February 4, 2024. If a baby was born before February 4, then the baby's Chinese Zodiac sign is the Rabbit, not the Dragon. February 24, 2024, is the Chinese Lantern Festival.

Before reading 2024 Chinese Zodiac Predictions, you have to know what your Chinese animal sign in Chinese astrology is. Your Chinese zodiac sign is not determined by Chinese New Year's Day. The Chinese New Year is based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The Chinese Zodiac uses the Chinese Stem-Branch calendar, which is a solar calendar. To find your correct Chinese zodiac sign using your birthday, please visit our Verify Your Chinese Zodiac Sign page.

2024 is the Yang-Wood Dragon year. Yang-Wood is connected to the tall trees, forest, or wooden posts. According to the Chinese Five Elements, the color of Wood is associated with green. Therefore, 2024 is also called the Year of the Green Dragon. The zodiac sign of 2024 is a dragon hidden in the forest or a dragon climbing on a post. The nickname of the Dragon is the dam according to the Chinese astrology. The main element of the Dragon is the Yang-Earth, which is the mountain. The tall tree of Yang Wood could grow very tall and strong because of the dam in the mountain. Therefore, 2024 is also a strong Wood year.

Since the major element of the dragon is Yang Earth, Dragon's characteristics inherited from Yang Earth. Therefore, dragons are steady, reliable, honest, generous, forgiving, and calm. Chinese dragons are triphibious animal. According to the legendary stories, dragons have appeared on the land, under the sea, and in the sky. The Dragons like to hide themselve inside the cloud. People cannot see their heads and tails at the same time. Chinese dragons can spit either fire or water. Therefore, dragons are mystic, cloudy, misty, blurred, unpredictable, and unreachable.

The dragon is a symbol of power and wealth. Only Chinese emperors were allowed to wear imperial robes with dragon symbols. Therefore, dragons are born as a natural leader. They are aggressive, ambitious, self-confident, and determined. Dragons have a strong desire to win any competition.

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By Master Allen Tsai on Nivember 11, 2023

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