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Why does the Lucky Element not work for me?

The Relationship between Personality and Five Elements

The ABC Astrology tells you to find the lucky years using your lucky element. If you are over 40 and you cannot find any lucky element in your good years, then it sounds like the ABC Astrology doesn't work for you. There are some reasons for that.

The main reason is that this FREE website doesn't have a powerful (Fast) Server and cannot afford a long calculation for your birth chart. So it might give you the wrong answer.

The ABC Astrology gave you a wrong Lucky Element

ABC astrology doesn't adjust the scores for the Affinity and Enmity relationships between Elements and the Branch relationship. So the Five Element scores for determining lucky elements are not that accurate.

There is special case for the Foe and Friend Method in the page of Find Your Lucky Element By Yourself. If Job and Money (Foe) are the highest two scores with more than 200 AND You and Mom (Friend) are the lowest two scores, then your lucky elements are Job and Money, not You and Mom. The axiom being if you cannot beat your enemy, then join them.

The Lucky Element is broken down into Yin and Yang. It's quite possible that only Yin or Yang is lucky for you. You can find the answer from Stem relationship, Branch relationship or Powerful Trio relationship in the Best and Worst Year page.

The other case is that you won't feel lucky unless two Lucky Elements come together.

Note: You might find your right lucky element from the page Find Your Lucky Element By Yourself.

You need to use Chinese Fortune Angel astrology software can handle the extremely out of balance case and give your the correct Lucky Element.

Your Birth time is wrong or in the critical time Boundary

The time interval in the Chinese Astrology is two hours. They begin from 1 a.m. - 3 a.m. to 11 p.m. - 1 a.m.. If you are born around the time interval boundary or around mid-night, you must use the correct time zone and city longitude to get a more accurate birthday and time. This website uses the Local Mean Time for Chinese astrology, which should use the sundial Time (true solar time). In this free site we don't provide the true solar time correction table for you. In these cases you still have a remote chance to get a wrong birth chart.

It's still possible that your mother or hospital gave you the wrong time. Also, you shouldn't use the Daylight Saving Time for your birthday and time.

It's also possible that the reading for people born in the Southern Hemisphere is not perfect, since the Chinese astrology was developed in the Northern Hemisphere.

Chinese Fortune Angel astrology software provides the true solar time adjustment function to calculate correct and accurate birth hour.

Just doesn't work for you

Chinese astrology may not work for people with strong religious beliefs. People who contribute their life to temples or the church always have a better guide for their life under their spiritual environment.

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