The Windfall Star of Ten Gods in Chinese Zodiac

Windfall Star is Easy Money, Pian-Cai or Indirect Wealth

The Day Master in Chinese Zodiac is the upper row element of the Day Column in the Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart. In order to analyze the Chinese Zodiac Bazi Birth Chart easier, ancient Chinese fortune tellers assigned ten relationship names between 10 elements. These ten relationship names are called Ten Gods.

The Windfall Star is the element dominated by the Day Master. The gender of Windfall Star and Day Master are the same. Winning lottery, Bonus, Reward, Gift, Pain-Cai and Indirect Wealth are the Windfall Star.

The element dominated by Day Master is called the Money Star. The Money Star which gender same to Day Master is called Windfall Star. The Chinese Name is called Pian-Cai . Pian means secondary, improper, deputy or substitute. Cai means money or wealth. Pian-Cai is connected to unexpected good fortune, gift, heritage, lottery luck, gambling luck, bonus, tip and donation.

The Money Star which gender different from Day Master is called Property Star or Zheng-Cai .

Wood dominates the element of Earth. If Day Master is Yang Wood, then Yang Earth in the birth chart is called Windfall Star. If Day Master is Yin Wood, then Yang Earth in the birth chart is the Windfall Star. If Day Master is Yang Wood, then Yang Earth in the birth chart is called Property Star.

People with strong Windfall Star are generous, diplomatic, slick, sophisticated, passionate, romantic, affectionate and popular. They should look for a business career, not for government job, nor scientific position. The Windfall Star is related to public money. They should travel to different towns, meet different people and earn money from different people.

The Windfall Star people are frank and straightforward. They don't care too much about personal gain or loss. When they talk about business deal regarding to financial issues, they might lie about the financial information. That means you cannot trust the promise of Windfall Star people.

The man's Windfall Star is also connected to father. Without asking for father, children receive food, clothes, toys, education and allowance from father. For man, the Windfall Star is related to his girl friends, lover or maid. For woman, the Windfall Star is related to mother-in-law. The Windfall Star is also linked to entertainment place, social community, romantic and erotic places. Therefore, the dancing club, dating club, bar, pub, salon, casino and membership clubs are all related to Windfall Star.

The Windfall Star is also connected to a person or property which is not important to you and you can own it by paying money. Therefore, the servant, subordinate, server, maid, spare car, private boat or vacation home.

Meanings of Windfall Star in the BaZi Birth Chart

If the Windfall Star is the Lucky Element, then probably the Day Master is strong and Windfall Star is weak. If Day Master is weak and Windfall Star is much stronger than Day Master, the Windfall Star is an unlucky element.

If the Windfall Star is the Lucky Element, then the person should have good money luck. The person doesn't have to worry about money income and can enjoy good material life. Many cases, the person has to leave the home town to start the business in order to make more money. If the Windfall Star is an unlucky Element, then the person will often have money trouble. This doesn't mean the person is always poor. The person might have a material life style, but the person has trouble to balance the budget. The person might dress nobly and live in luxury, but actually is in debt.

The Windfall Star is the money for people to share. It's better that Windfall Star hides in the Branch (lower row) of the Birth Chart. So people cannot see your money. If the Windfall Star shows on the Stem of the Birth Chart, the person might have to spend money to share with others. For example, the person might need extra social money in order to show off his identity or save his face. However, if you are wealthy and your Windfall Star is hidden inside the Branch, then not too many people know you are rich. If you are real rich and the Windfall Star shows on the Stem, then everybody knows you are rich.

Men with strong Windfall Stars know how to earn money in smart way. They know well about social skill, know when to show their generosity and know how to talk nice to women. It's easy for them to win a female's heart. But they have difficulty to focus on one single love relationship.

Women with strong Windfall Stars usually are business women. They have good social and financial management skill. If there is another Money Star showing the Stem, she likes to dress well, cares about people, and knows how to give people good impression. She will have many friends and relationships. But she cannot focus on love. This is not a good sign for marriage life.

Windfall Star vs. Companion Star and Career Star

Friend Star and Robber Star are Companion Stars. The Windfall Star is afraid of Companion Stars. People will feel short of money when Companion Star appears on the astrological cycle. This is because more people come to share the limited Windfall Star.

The person should be able to earn more income when the Money Star coming form the astrological cycle. However, if there are many Robber Stars show in the Stem (upper row) of Birth Chart, then the person still have money trouble. This is because that everybody wants to rob the money, when coming money appears on the table. Furthermore, if the Career Star also appears on the birth chart or astrology cycles, then the person's money will be protected by Officer or Evil Star and he can save some money.

If a man's birth chart has only one Windfall Star, no Property Star and many Robber Stars, then his father will have very difficulty in finance to raise his children. If another Robber Stars comes from the astrological cycles, then the year is very unfavorable to the father. Either father has to work out of town or has very poor health. If this married man's father has past away, then the year is unfavorable to his spouse.

The money luck from the Windfall Star won't last too long. If you miss it, then you gain nothing, especially the competitors around. If the Windfall Star (Stem) is on the top of the Robber Star (Branch) from the cycle, then your friend will reach Windfall money star before you. If your Day Master is strong, then you will fight for it. Thus, the money dispute or love affair events will happen. If Day Master is weak, then the person won't argue about money. So the money opportunity will slip away.

Teenagers cannot focus on their study at school, when the Windfall Star comes during school years. This is because the Mother Star is related to education. Windfall Star can overcome the Mother Star. In this case, School boys probably have too much social activities or date girls too often. School girls like to pursuit fashion and luxury. They don't like academic study to increase their knowledge.

If the Windfall Star is the Lucky Element, then teenagers have chance to win reward or bonus. If the Food Star or Performer Star also found in the birth chart or astrological cycle, then they might start their own business early.

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