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Chinese Zodiac - Red Dog Born in Snake Month

Career Star and Fame Star fight without Money Star

This Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart has a Strong Day Master Yang-Fire. This male was born in the summer of 1966, year of Horse. The Friend Star is in charge of the season. The season impacts the strength of Five Elements. For example, Fire is the most powerful element in the summer. Before determining the Day Master is strong or weak, we always need to figure out that the birth season is favorable to Day Master or not. After knowing the strong or weak Day Master, then we know the Lucky Elements.

Zodiac Birth Chart Characteristics

The Career Star and Fame (Child) Star are opposite elements. They will fight each other, if the Money Star is not in-between.

If a Strong Birth Chart without Money Star has only Career Star in the upper Stem Row, then the Day Master will have big trouble when the unlucky Fame Star appearing from the Stem of astrological cycles.

The clash between Career Star and Fame Star will bring the lawsuit, accident or poor health to the Day Master.

Chinese Zodiac Destiny Card

Birthday: May 27, 1966 at 8:20
Gender: Male
Day Master:  Yang-Fire
Zodiac Year: Yang Red Fire-Horse
Zodiac Month: Yin Black Water-Snake
Zodiac Day: Yang Red Fire-Dog
Zodiac Hour: Yang Black Water-Dragon
Season: summer
Style: Friend Star
Case: Yang-Fire in Snake Month
Stem 10 Gods: Friend-Officer-Killer
Branch 10 Gods: Robber-Friend-Chef-Chef
Strong-Weak: Strong
Lucky Elements: Metal, Water

Chinese Zodiac ID Card

Chinese Zodiac 10-God Birth Chart

May 27, 1966 8:20
Water DragonFire DogWater SnakeFire Horse

This person was born on May 27, 1966 at 8:20. According to Chinese Zodiac Calendar, it's Yang-Fire Dog day in Water Snake month of Fire Horse year at Water Dragon hour. The season is summer. The upper row of the Day column is called Day Master, which is Yang-Fire. The Day Master represents the person.

When the Day Master is Yang-Fire, then Wood is the Parent star. Fire is the Companion star. Earth is the Fame star. Metal is the Money star. Water is the Career star. Companion and Parent star are supporting elements to Day Master. Money, Career and Fame stars are enemy to Day Master. The strength of Day Master, Companion star and Parent star determines the strength of the birth chart style.

Chinese Zodiac Case Study

Day Master Yang-Fire was born in the Snake month of summer. Summer is a favorable season to Yang-Fire.

Snake and Horse are in the Fire group. Dog and Dragon are in the Earth group. But Horse of Year Column and Dog of Day Column trigger some Fire relationship. Another Yang-Fire is also found on the upper row of the Year Column. Therefore, the Day Master Yang-Fire is strong. This is a Strong Birth Chart.

The Lucky Elements are Water and Metal. If Water of Career Star is a lucky element, then Earth of Fame Star cannot be another lucky element. This is because Water and Earth have serious conflict. Unless, the Metal of Money Star comes along with the Earth of Fame Star, otherwise, Earth is an unlucky element.

The first Major Cycle was Yang-Wood Horse. Horse is in the Fire group. Wood and Fire are unlucky elements. He was born in poor family.

The second Major Cycle was Yin-Wood Sheep. Sheep is in the Earth group. But Sheep, Horse of Year Column and Snake of Month Column have strong attraction relationship into Fire. This cycle is worse than the first cycle. Wood is the Mother Star to Day Master. When attacking by Water, Day Master will be protected by Wood. What's that mean? Water performed the duty of training or discipline for this young kid. Someone helped him to skip that opportunity. He didn't learn at school during the first and the second Major Cycles.

The third Major Cycle was Yang-Fire Monkey. The fourth Major Cycles was Yin-Fire Chicken. Both Monkey and Chicken are in the Metal group. Therefore, these two cycles have similar fortune. Metal is connected to money to Day Master. That's good money opportunity. Yang-Fire or Yin-Fire is related to his friends, brothers or partners. They are on the top of the money. They took away the money opportunities from the Day Master.

The fifth Major Cycle was Yang-Earth Dog. Dog is in the Earth group. But Dog and Horse of Year Column have Fire attractive relationship. Metal is connected to his money. Fire is the opposite element of Metal. Therefore, Fire is connected to debt. Yang-Earth and Yin-Water of Month Column have attraction relationship into Fire. That means he will challenge the Water, probably related to law, and then will have a big money loss.

The sixth Major Cycle is Yin-Earth Pig. Pig is in the Water group. Yin-Earth will join Fire to fight against Water. He probably will encounter a lawsuit or accident. He will get hurt physically or mentally.

Too many fighting relationships in the birth chart and 10-year Major Cycles, his life is quite miserable.

Chinese Zodiac Chart of 10-Year Major Cycles

This person is Male and was born in Yang Red Fire-Horse year. The 10-Year Major Cycles counts from the Stem-Branch of the Month Column in ascending Order. The Month Column is Yin-Water Snake.

The first 10-Year Major Cycle starts year of 1969 at age 3.

10-Year Major Cycles


Lucky Elements: Metal, Water

10-Year Major Cycles & Ten Gods

1969-1978 Yang-Wood Horse
Yang-Wood is an event of resources. Horse is an event of friendship.

1979-1988 Yin-Wood Sheep
Yin-Wood is an event of resources. Sheep is an event of reputation.
Sheep, Snake and Horse have strong Fire relationship.
Sheep and Horse have Fire (Companion) attraction relationship.

1989-1998 Yang-Fire Monkey
Yang-Fire is an event of friendship. Monkey is an event of money.
Monkey and Snake have Water (Career) attraction relationship.
Yang-Fire and Yang-Water have fighting relationship.

1999-2008 Yin-Fire Chicken
Yin-Fire is an event of friendship. Chicken is an event of money.
Yin-Fire (Companion) and Yang-Water have Wood (Parent) attraction relationship.
Chicken and Dragon have Metal (Money) attraction relationship.
Yin-Fire and Yin-Water have fighting relationship.

2009-2018 Yang-Earth Dog
Both Yang-Earth and Dog are events of reputation.
Yang-Earth (Fame) and Yin-Water have Fire (Companion) attraction relationship.
Dog and Dragon have fighting relationship.
Dog and Horse have some Fire (Companion) attraction relationship.

2019-2028 Yin-Earth Pig
Yin-Earth is an event of reputation. Pig is an event of career.
Pig and Snake have fighting relationship.

2029-2038 Yang-Metal Rat
Yang-Metal is an event of money. Rat is an event of career.
Rat and Horse have fighting relationship.

2039-2048 Yin-Metal Cow
Yin-Metal is an event of money. Cow is an event of reputation.
Yin-Metal (Money) and Yang-Fire have Water (Career) attraction relationship.

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