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Wang Leehom Chinese Horoscope: Divorce & Love Affairs

Leehom Alexander Wang 王力宏 is an American-born Chinese singer. He was born on May 17, 1976, in Rochester, New York, USA. He holds a master's degree in music and honorary doctoral degrees. He earned many music awards in China. With his extraordinary musical talent, high-quality appearance, and modeling face, he has 70+ million follower fans, which are more than populations of many countries.

Leehom Wang's well-educated parents immigrated from Taiwan. His father is a retired pediatrician. Wang married a Taiwanese girlfriend, Lee Jinglei 李靚蕾 in 2013. They has their firstborn in 2014, the second daughter in 2016, and the only son in 2018. Wang announced that they are separated and filing for divorce in December 2021. Lee Jinglei posted Wang's negative private life, infidelity, and scandal on Instagram, which forced Wang to pause his musical and acting career.

The Birth Chart of Leehom Wang

>Leehom Wang was born in the Dragon year. We don't have his birth house. We can analyze Wang's marriage life well without the birth hour. Since Leehom Wang was born in a nice family, we think his birth hour might be the Dragon Hour.

  Leehom Wang - May 17, 1976  

Day Master/Yin Earth

Girl Star/Yin Water

Mother Star/Yang Fire
Snake Snake Dragon










Leehom Wang was born on the Yin-Earth Snake day in the Water Snake Month of the Fire Dragon Year. The Yin-Earth at the upper row of the Day Column is called the Day Master, which represents Leehom Wang. The Month Column contains the information about his family, and the Day Column contains the information about his marriage. The second row of the Day Column under the Day Master is called the Palace of the Spouse, and the Snake is in there. Snake contains the information of the spouse.

Love Relationship and Marriage Life

Earth can extinguish the Water. Water represents women to Leehom Wang. Yang-Water is the Spouse Star and Yin-Water is the Girlfriend or lover. Fire is the mother element of the Earth. Yang-Fire in the birth chart represents Wang's mother.

Snake is in the Palace of the Spouse. Snake contains Yang-Fire, Yang-Earth, and Yang-Metal. Yang-Fire is his mother; his mother is in charge of his married life. There is no Water inside. The Spouse Star and Girlfriend Star are not allowed in there. That implies his wife will have a hard time dealing with his family. Yang-Earth is related to his friends or siblings. He will spend lots of time with his friends during the marriage. His wife will think his friends are more important than her. This implies Leehom Wang has difficulty finding his spouse although he has a good-looking appearance and a successful musical and acting career.

Yin-Water is related to his girlfriend. Yin-Water of the Month Column is next to the Day Master. That means he has good chances to meet girlfriends. Girlfriends are easy to fall in love with him. Since Wood can break the ground, Day Master of Yin-Earth is afraid of Wood. Lack of Wood in the birth chart means no one will tell Leehom Wang to watch his behaviors. Therefore, it's possible that Wang may have a romantic affair or a secret love relationship.

10-Year Major Cycles of Leehom Wang

Leehom Wang released his first album Love Rival, Beethoven in 1995. The Major Cycle of Yang-Fire Monkey is from 2002 to 2011. Monkey is in the Metal group. Metal is related to his talent, performance, and reputation. Monkey has an attractive relationship with Snake in the birth chart. The relationship is connected to Water; Water is money and women to Leehom Wang. His marriage was in 2013, which is Yin-Water Snake year. That means he fell in love in 2012, which is Yang-Water Dragon Year. Yang-Water is his Spouse Star and Yin-Water is his lover Star. He earned many musical awards.

  Wang's 10-Year Major Cycles  

Yang Fire

Yin Fire

Yang Earth




The Major Cycle of Yin-Fire Chicken is from 2012 to 2021. Chicken is in the Metal group. Chicken has an attractive relationship with Snake in the birth chart. The relationship is connected to Metal, which is his performance, popularity, and fame. His career is very successful in China. However, The Yin-Fire of the Major Cycle and Yin-Water of the Month Column have a fighting relationship. He had trouble in his relationship with women. Leehom Wang announced his divorce in 2021, which is Metal Cow year. He will deal with the agreement of the divorce in 2022, which is the Yang-Water Tiger year. Yang-Water is related to his Spouse. Tiger has a hurting relationship with Snake in the birth chart. The relationship heavily hurts his spouse and family.

The Major Cycle from 2022 to 2031 is Yang-Earth Dog. Earth-Fire has an attractive relationship Yin-Water of the Month Column. The relationship will transform into Fire. Yang-Earth is connected to his friends and Yin-Water is Wang's girlfriend. That implies the girlfriend will go away with his friends. There is no attractive relationship with the Palace of the Spouse. He has trouble looking for long-lasting love.

The Revelation of Wang's Marriage Life

According to the Chinese astrology birth chart, Leehom Wang has a wonderfully blessed life except for marriage. The major issues in his birth chart are...

If these three conditions appear in a man's birth chart, then a woman has to suffer the pressure to be a good wife.

His birth chart is full of Fire and Earth. Leehom Wang was born in the summer. We think his birth hour is the Yang-Earth Dragon. Yang-Earth has an 'Earth' attractive relationship with Yin-Water of the Month Column. Therefore, the Day Master Yin-Earth is extremely strong. This birth chart is a special case. The Earth and Fire are the lucky elements. Metal and Water are unfavorable to Leehom Wang. The birth chart of Donald Trump is also an Extremely Strong case. Both of them have the same Day Master of Yin-Earth. They were born in a good family, hold honorary doctoral degrees, and have relationships with women.

Celebrity Birth Charts of Love Relationship Issues

To study a man's marriage, firstly we need to find where the Spouse Star and lover Star are. Next, We want to check what is inside the Palace of the Spouse. The Mother Star or Friend Stars could impact a man's marriage life. A Lover Star is next to the Day Master in the birth chart of Bill Gates. There is no Spouse and Lover Star in the birth chart of Andrew Cuomo. Matt Gaetz has a better love relationship with a woman next to Day Master.

The following are good articles to examine people's love relationships and marriage.

By Master Allen Tsai on December 28, 2021

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