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A Dragon Horse jumped out from the River before 3083 B.C. in China. Fu Xi found a weird diagram on the horseback. The diagram shows 5 and 10 marks in the center, 3 and 8 marks on the left, 4 and 9 marks on the right; 2 and 7 marks on the top, and 1 and 6 marks on the bottom. That implied every group of two numbers can get along well together. This diagram is called the "River Diagram".

 2   7 
3   85 104   9
 1   6 

Chinese Five Elements, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth are used by Chinese astrology. They can be broken down into Yin and Yang as ten Heavenly Stems. The sequence of ten Heavenly Stems is Yang Wood, Yin Wood, Yang Fire, Yin Fire, Yang Earth, Yin Earth, Yang Water, and Yin Water Ten Stems of Five Elements. Using the numerology of the River Diagram, we find ten Heavenly Stems can have five groups in a romantic relationship. The stems in the same group attract each other.

Attractive Relationships of Heavenly Stem

Love Attraction in RelationshipChemistry
Yang Wood (1) Yin Earth (6) Earth
Yin Wood (2) Yang Metal (7) Metal
Yang Fire (3) Yin Metal (8) Water
Yin Fire (4) Yang Water (9) Wood
Yang Earth (5) Yin Water (10) Fire
  •   Yang Wood (1) and Yin Earth (6) attract each other and generate Earth ingredients.
  •   Yin Wood (2) and Yang Metal (7) attract each other and generate Metal ingredients.
  •   Yang Fire (3) and Yin Metal (8) attract each other and generate Water ingredients.
  •   Yin Fire (4) and Yang Water (9) attract each other and generate Wood ingredients.
  •   Yang Earth (5) and Yin Water (10) attract each other and generate Fire ingredients.

Two stems have a love attractive relationship when the difference of two sequences is five.
The relationship of Yang Earth and Yin Water implies Yang Earth is an old man and Yin Water is a young girl.

Fighting Relationships of Heavenly Stem

Five Elements have a connection with four seasons and four directions. Wood is connected to spring and the East. Fire is connected to summer and the South. Earth is connected to the center and in-between seasons. Metal is connected to autumn and the West. Water is connected to the winter and the North. Two Stems repel each other when they are in opposite directions. We call this repulsion is the fight in the relationship.

Fighting in Relationship
Yang Wood (1) Yang Metal (7)
Yin Wood (2) Yin Metal (8)
Yang Fire (3) Yang Water (9)
Yin Fire (4) Yin Water (10)
  • Yang Wood (1) and Yang Metal (7) will fight each other.
  • Yin Wood (2) and Yin Metal (8) will fight each other.
  • Yang Fire (3) and Yang Water (9) will fight each other.
  • Yin Fire (4) and Yin Water (10) will fight each other.

Two stems have a love attractive relationship when the difference of two sequences is five.

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