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10,000-Year Chinese Lunar Calendar

More than 99% of traditional Chinese Ten-Thousand-Year Calendars published in China, Taiwan or Hong Kong confuse people to look for their Chinese Astrology Birth Charts. This is because those books are organized by lunar months.

Chinese Astrology was developed since thousand years ago. China didn't use solar calendar until late Ming Dynasty. Therefore, Chinese were told that the 八字 Bazi is from the Chinese Lunar Calendar. But the fact is that Chinese Astrology is only related to the sun, not moon. The astrology months are from solar segment 節氣 months, not lunar months. The astrology days are 干支 Stem-Branch Day, which is nothing to do with moon. The following is the chart of Chinese Astrology Months. More detail is at The Theory of Chinese Lunar Calendar.

Our Book of Chinese Fortune Telling Calendar for China and USA is organized by 節氣 solar months, which is very easy for people to find their 干支 Stem-Branch of the birth year, birth month and birthday. The following example is the page from the book using US Pacific Standard time zone, not China time zone.

Another sample page of 1974

The following is a traditional Chinese 10 thousand Calendar. If people don't know that the 八字 Bazi uses 節氣 solar segment as the astrological months, then they will mistakenly build their Chinese Astrology birth chart.

Also, all 10,000 year calendars printed in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong are for China time zone, which is East Longitude 120 degree time. Many calendar books are copied each other with inaccurate 節氣 solar segment time. There is no new moon time in the book, which cannot use for different time zone, if you need a lunar calendar.


By Master Allen Tsai on December 9, 2021

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