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Chinese Lunar and Gregorian Calendar Conversion by Timezone

This Chinese Lunar Calendar conversion tool can convert the Gregorian calendar to the Chinese lunar calendar. It also can convert the Chinese lunar date to our calendar date. Chinese Lunar Calendar is very complicated. It will have an extra lunar leap month almost every three years. There is no mathematical or astronomical formula to do the conversion because the difficulty in the assignments of the lunar leap months. Therefore, we use high-precision astronomical sun and moon data to do the conversion. For more detailed information, please read the theory of the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

This tool helps people to find the dates of Chinese New Year, Moon Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, or other Chinese festivals. Some women are interested in the conception lunar months mentioned in the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart of the Ching Dynasty. That chart can choose the baby gender by pregnancy month and woman's age. Chinese used the Chinese Lunar Calendar during the Ching Dynasty. They need a Chinese Lunar Calendar conversion tool to know the correct date ranges of the Chinese Lunar Months. We have another tool for the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction.

Chinese Lunar Calendar and Time Zones

The new moon date is the first day of the lunar month. Therefore, the new moon times could fall on different dates in the different timezones. Therefore, about 50% of lunar dates in the USA timezones will be different from the China timezone. The major differences are

Therefore, you need to select the Time Zone option to do the conversion

Western-Gregorian and Chinese-Lunar Calendar Converter

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By Master Allen Tsai on April 15, 2022

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