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Chinese Zodiac - Brown Rat Born in Monkey Month

Female has love relationship without a Husband Star

Baby born on August 19, 2019 has the same birth chart as the person born on September 3, 1959.

This Chinese Zodiac Birth Chart has a Weak Day Master Yang-Earth. This female was born in the autumn of 1959, year of Pig. The Food Star is in charge of the season. The season impacts the strength of Five Elements. For example, Metal is the most powerful element in the autumn. Before determining the Day Master is strong or weak, we always need to figure out that the birth season is favorable to Day Master or not. After knowing the strong or weak Day Master, then we know the Lucky Elements.

Zodiac Birth Chart Characteristics

Day Master is Yang-Earth. Pig and Rat are in the Water group. Monkey is in the Metal group. Metal is the Mother element of Water. Water is too strong. Yin-Water and Yang-Water are on the Stem, upper row of the birth chart. Water is much stronger then Yang-Earth. The Day Master is weak. The Lucky Elements are Earth and Fire.

Water represents money, which is connected to luxury life. This female fears lack of money and pursue wealth. Day Master Yang-Earth and Yin-Water Money of Hour Column have attraction relationship. Rat of Day Column is in the Palace of the Spouse. Rat contains Yin-Water, which has attraction relationship with Day Mater. The Day Master has two different attraction relationships. This is not a good sign for marriage.

Monkey of Month Column and Rat of Day Column have another attraction relationship into Water. That implies her husband might have love affair with someone else. In reality, this female has love relationships with different men in the same time at least three times. One happened during the marriage.

Chinese Zodiac Destiny Card

Birthday: August 19, 2019 at 22:30
Birthday: September 3, 1959 at 22:30
Gender: Female
Day Master:  Yang-Earth
Zodiac Year: Yin Brown Earth-Pig
Zodiac Month: Yang Black Water-Monkey
Zodiac Day: Yang Brown Earth-Rat
Zodiac Hour: Yin Black Water-Pig
Season: autumn
Style: Food Star
Case: Yang-Earth in Monkey Month
Stem 10 Gods: Robber-Money-Property
Branch 10 Gods: Money-Chef-Property-Money
Strong-Weak: Weak
Lucky Elements: Earth, Fire

Chinese Zodiac ID Card
Chinese Zodiac Destiny Card - Earth Rat in Monkey month

Chinese Zodiac 10-God Birth Chart

September 3, 1959 22:30
Water PigEarth RatWater MonkeyEarth Pig

This person was born on September 3, 1959 at 22:30. According to Chinese Zodiac Calendar, it's Yang-Earth Rat day in Water Monkey month of Earth Pig year at Water Pig hour. The season is autumn. The upper row of the Day column is called Day Master, which is Yang-Earth. The Day Master represents the person.

When the Day Master is Yang-Earth, then Wood is the Career star. Fire is the Parent star. Earth is the Companion star. Metal is the Fame star. Water is the Money star. Companion and Parent star are supporting elements to Day Master. Money, Career and Fame stars are enemy to Day Master. The strength of Day Master, Companion star and Parent star determines the strength of the birth chart style.

Chinese Zodiac Case Study

This birth chart has no Career Star, which is Husband Star to woman. No Husband Star implies a woman doesn't have too much opportunity to experience a love relationship. With double attraction relationships, this Day Master has good people relationship. Strong Water implies that she has big expenses in her social life. No Career Star also implies that she doesn't have too much saving. When the Career Star appears from the Major Cycles, she will have good chances for the love relationships.

The first Major Cycle was Yin-Water Chicken. Chicken is in the Metal group. Metal is the mother element of Water. This is a strong Water cycle. Water is an unlucky element. She was born poor.

The first Major Cycle was Yang-Wood Dog. Dog is in the Earth group. Earth is the lucky element. Her family had better income. Yang-Wood is the Evil Star. She had boyfriend when she was a teenager. Yang-Wood and Yin-Earth of Year Column have attraction relationship. That implies her boyfriend has good relationship with her girlfriend, too.

The second Major Cycle was Yin-Wood Pig. Pig is in the Water. Yin-Wood is the Husband Star. That's a sign of marriage. During this cycle, she had love relationship, cohabitation and marriage with different men. After marriage, she maintained the relationship with ex-boyfriend.

If this birth chart is for a man, then he has more love relationships with women.

Chinese Zodiac Chart of 10-Year Major Cycles

This person is Female and was born in Yin Brown Earth-Pig year. The 10-Year Major Cycles counts from the Stem-Branch of the Month Column in ascending Order. The Month Column is Yang-Water Monkey.

The first 10-Year Major Cycle starts year of 1960 at age 1.

10-Year Major Cycles


Lucky Elements: Earth, Fire

10-Year Major Cycles & Ten Gods

1960-1969 Yin-Water Chicken
Yin-Water is an event of money. Chicken is an event of reputation.
Yin-Water (Money) and Yang-Earth have Fire (Parent) attraction relationship.

1970-1979 Yang-Wood Dog
Yang-Wood is an event of career. Dog is an event of friendship.
Yang-Wood (Career) and Yin-Earth have Earth (Companion) attraction relationship.

1980-1989 Yin-Wood Pig
Yin-Wood is an event of career. Pig is an event of money.

1990-1999 Yang-Fire Rat
Yang-Fire is an event of resources. Rat is an event of money.
Yang-Fire and Yang-Water have fighting relationship.

2000-2009 Yin-Fire Cow
Yin-Fire is an event of resources. Cow is an event of friendship.
Yin-Fire (Parent) and Yang-Water have Wood (Career) attraction relationship.
Cow, Pig and Rat have strong Water relationship.
Cow and Rat have Earth (Companion) attraction relationship.
Yin-Fire and Yin-Water have fighting relationship.

2010-2019 Yang-Earth Tiger
Yang-Earth is an event of friendship. Tiger is an event of career.
Yang-Earth (Companion) and Yin-Water have Fire (Parent) attraction relationship.
Tiger and Pig have Wood (Career) attraction relationship.
Tiger and Monkey have fighting relationship.

2020-2029 Yin-Earth Rabbit
Yin-Earth is an event of friendship. Rabbit is an event of career.

2030-2039 Yang-Metal Dragon
Yang-Metal is an event of reputation. Dragon is an event of friendship.
Dragon, Monkey and Rat have powerful Water relationship.
Dragon and Rat have some Water (Money) attraction relationship.

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