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Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign September 4, 1781

Question: What's the Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign on September 4, 1781?

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Modified: August 6, 2019

Once for a while, people ask for the Chinese Zodiac animal sign before 1900. Chinese Fortune Calendar Database is from 1900 to 2200. We need to do hand calculation for the date before 1900. If you can read Chinese, then you can look for special tools from Chinese or Taiwanese websites.

Before answering the question about Chinese Zodiac Animal sign on September 4, 1781, we have to know about the Chinese Calendar, which combines Lunar, solar and Stem-Branch calendars. The Chinese Zodiac signs are from Chinese Stem-Branch Calendar, which is a cycle of 60. The cycle combines Five Elements and 12 animal signs. These signs are using in yearly, monthly and daily cycles.

1901 is the year of Yin Metal Cow. The total of year difference from 1781 to 1901 is 120. 120 = 2 * 60. Thus, 1781 is the year of Yin Metal Cow, too.

The Julian date of February 13, 1900 is 2415064 at noon. The Julian date of September 4, 1781 is 2371804. The day difference between February 13, 1900 and September 4, 1781 is 43200. 43200 = 720 * 60. February 13, 1900 is the day of Yin Fire Snake. Therefore, September 4, 1781 is a Yin Fire Snake day.

September 7, 1781 was the White Dew of 24 solar segments. The date of White Dew is the first day of astrological Chicken. Thus, September 4, 1781 is in the astrological Monkey month. The Chinese zodiac name of Monkey month is the year of Yin Cow is always Yang Fire Monkey Month.

Therefore, the answer for the question is Yin Fire Snake day in the Yang Fire Monkey month of Yin Metal Cow year. The next coming Fire Snake day in Fire Monkey month of Metal Cow year is on September 6, 2021.

Note: El Pueblo de la Reina de Los Angeles is founded on September 4, 1781



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