2021 New Chinese Baby Calendar for Planning Baby With Desired Gender

This article provides a new 2021 revised Chinese Baby Gender Calendar for women planning to have baby boy or girl in 2021 of White Metal Cow year or 2022 of Black Water Tiger year. This study discusses the relationships between Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart and sex ratio at birth by different countries and seasons. Without understanding the seasonal sex ratio birth data from China, USA, India, Singapore and Germany, you don't know how to use the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart. We also create a revised Baby Gender Calendar to solve the problem of Chinese lunar leap month.

Plan for Baby Boy or Girl in 2021 or 2022

Before planning for a baby boy or girl in 2021 or 2022, we should know what the meanings are behind the year of 2021 and 2022. 2021 is the year of the White Metal Cow. The Chinese New Year Day of Cow year is on February 12, 2021. 2022 is the year of the Black Water Tiger. The Chinese New Year Day of Tiger year is on February 1, 2022. The Chinese New Year Day is the first lunar day of the first lunar month. That means Chinese New Year Day is determined by the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Chinese Zodiac Signs are determined by Chinese Astrology Stem-Branch Calendar.   If a baby is born on or after February 3, 2021 and before February 4, 2022, then the Chinese zodiac sign is Cow. If born after February 4, 2022, then the Chinese zodiac sign is Tiger. The Zodiac signs are nothing to do with Chinese New Year.

Many women wish to conceive their desired baby gender next pregnancy. Today, the medical high-tech gender selection can help people choose the gender of the baby. But it will cost us a lot. Therefore, some women who have a gender preference might ask for the non-scientific Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart how to choose the baby gender before pregnancy.

If you want to take Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart into the consideration for next pregnancy time, then you need to know well about Chinese lunar months. The more important thing is to understand the fact behind the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart. We will explain the details below to help you to plan for having a desired gender baby.

2021 Chinese Baby Calendar Lunar Months

The Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart uses the Woman's Chinese Age and the Chinese lunar month of the conception to predict the baby gender. Therefore, we have to know when Chinese lunar months begin and end in 2021. If you plan for a baby of Tiger in 2022, then the following 2021 Chinese Baby Calendar lunar months can help women to choose the conception's month for the desired baby gender in 2022.

The following lunar months are calculated using the China time zone. Chinese Lunar Months are different from different time zones. If you need the Chinese lunar months of non-China time zones, then you can have them at Chinese Lunar Month Calendar for Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart page. The easiest way to predict the baby gender is from the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction, which does the calculations of birthday, Chinese age, lunar month and time zone before determining the correct baby gender.

2021 Lunar Months of China Time Zone
Lunar MonthStarting DateEnding Date
1February 12, 2021March 12, 2021
2March 13, 2021April 11, 2021
3April 12, 2021May 11, 2021
4May 12, 2021June 9, 2021
5June 10, 2021July 9, 2021
6July 10, 2021August 7, 2021
7August 8, 2021September 6, 2021
8September 7, 2021October 5, 2021
9October 6, 2021November 4, 2021
10November 5, 2021December 3, 2021
11December 4, 2021January 2, 2022
12January 3, 2022January 31, 2022

The Fact of Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart

How accurate is the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart? The Gender Prediction Chart is a statistics data sheet. It's not very accurate. But it's much better than 50/50 guessing. According to our survey raw data, it's close to 70% accuracy. Why we want to reference it if not accurate? If you understand the meaning behind the Gender Prediction Chart, then you will know there is a value there.

Many families in the world prefer boy babies. According to the 2017 data bank from United Nations Population Division shows the sex ratio of male births per female births is 1.073. The ratio at China is 1.15, India is 1.107, Armenia 1.129, Azerbaijan 1.125 and Vietnam is 1.097. The average sex ratio from 1997 to 2017 is about 1.075. The birth data at US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 1977663 baby boys and 1887091 baby girls born in 2017. The US sex ratio between males and females is 1.048.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) data, the natural sex ratio between males and females at birth is 1.05 from 1990 to 2010 without counting sex-selective abortion and gendercide. That means that at birth on average, there are 105 males for every 100 females. This number is close to US sex ratio. We have extra 5% chance to have baby boys than girls.

Age Woman Conception Chinese Lunar Month

Woman's age is the Chinese age.
Woman's Conception Month is the Chinese lunar month.
Blue is for boy and pink is for girl in the chart.

The Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart has 336 prediction months from age 18 to 45. The boy predictions are 164 and the girl predictions are 172. The sex ratio of male per female is 0.953. There is 10% difference comparing with the WHO's ratio. This cannot tell Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart is totally wrong. It's possible that the conception months most women chose have more chances to deliver baby boys.

Lunar MonthNear ZodiacProximity MonthBoy Counts

If we count for boy blue box in the Prediction Chart for all month columns, we find that January, February, March and April have higher boy counts. This probably is something to do with Chinese I-Ching Hexagrams. I-Ching states the natural phenomena of our universe, and then applies it on people, family and the nation relationships. The nature rule of the universe (Dao) is Yin and Yang. I-Ching uses the symbol of broken bar Chinese Yin as Yin and the solid bar Chinese Yang as Yang. Yin is female or cold. Yang is male or hot. One trigram has 3 bars and one hexagram has 6 bars. Yin-Yang and Hexagram can apply on the months. Each month has its own hexagram. December has the first Yang growing from the ground. January has two Yangs on the ground. February has three Yangs on the ground. March has four Yang bars and April has five Yang bars. Full six Yangs are in May. In June, Yang completely dies and Yin is born.



1 Yang
2 Yang
3 Yang
4 Yang
5 Yang
Full Yang
1 Yin

Yang is connected to the boy. The energy of Yang grows from December to May. The energy of Yin grows from June to November. The first Yang of December is too weak. The full Yang of May will die soon. The energy of Yang is growing strong from January to April. That means the conception months in January, February, March and April are favorable to have a baby boy. Summer season is favorable to the baby girl.

Baby Sex Ratio at Birth in China

Do the seasons affect gender of babies? US National Center for Biotechnology Information published a study of The Association between Season of Pregnancy and Birth-Sex among Chinese in 2014. It stated that Chinese mothers pregnant in summer or winter had a higher probability of delivering girls than those pregnant in spring. The statistic data was from 3051 Chinese children who were born between 1 January 2006 and 31 November 2008. They had very good high-quality birth data from the parents. Among 3051 children, there were 1582 boys (51.8%), and 1469 girls (48.2%). The Chinese sex ratio of boy per girl is 1.0769 during 2006 to 2008. The following is the monthly sex ratio chart.

We can see December, January, February, March and April are above average. Those months show higher boy counts in the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart. That means the survey data of baby gender in Ching Ching Character Dynasty had the similar result to China birth data between 2006 and 2008. The spring time in China is February, March and April. The energy of Yang growing months from December to April are favorable to have a baby boy in China.

What Influences the Gender of a Baby?

The gender of a baby is determined by mother and father's chromosomes. If the (female) sperm carrying the X chromosome fertilizes the egg, a girl will be conceived. If the (male) sperm carrying the Y chromosome fertilizes the egg, a boy will be conceived. The sperms with Y chromosome travel faster and have a shorter life span than the ones with X chromosome.

Base on the chrematistics of X and Y chromosomes, people look for the factors to manipulate the chromosomes. There are a variety of theories about influencing the sex of a baby. They said something to do with parents' diet, body's acid and alkaline levels, timing of conception depending on ovulation, weather temperatures, seasons, regions, hormones, stress, blood pressure, etc.

Regions affect Sex Ratio at Birth

Regarding to the factors of temperatures and seasons influencing baby gender, different countries reported different results. That tells us regions affect sex ratio at birth. What we interest now is the relationship between months and baby genders by regions. The chart below is from the US CDC birth data from 1994 to 2014. The total records are more than 84.8 millions. The original chart is at datawookie.netlify.com.

This chart shows more boys were born in July, August, October, November and January. Pregnancy lasts for about 280 days or 40 weeks. It's about 9 months. The conception months in October, November, January, February and April are favorable to have baby boy is USA.

The sex ratio at birth of USA in 2017 is 1.048, below the average 1.07 of the world. Girls like to born in USA today. Probably girls have better human right in USA. The USA 2017 monthly sex ratio counts are in the following.

USA Birth Data 2017
MonthSex Ratio

The higher sex ratio months are January, May and June. More boys born from the conception months in April, August and September according to 2017 US birth data.

Germany Sex Ratio at Birth

Alexander Lerchl of Germany published Seasonality of sex ratio in Germany in 1998. He used the birth data from the German Bureau for Statistics, covering the period from 1946 to 1995.

The peak time for the sex ratio months are April, May, June, November and December. Therefore, The good conception months for baby boy are July, August and September, February and March in Germany.

Canada and Italy Sex Ratio at Birth

Above is the sex ratio at birth chart of Saguenay city in Quebec, Canada. The total of birth records is 419,467 from 1850 to 1971. The sex ratio of Saguenay is significant higher than the national average 1.056. March is 108.9, June is 108.1, July is 107.5 and January is 107.5. Pregnancy period is about 9 months. The conception months of June, September, October and April have better chances for a baby boy in Saguenay, Canada..

In 2003, Dr. Angelo Cagnacci at Modena, Italy published relationship between conception months and baby gender selection. He discovered that autumn for boys and spring for girls after studying 14,310 births between 1995 and 2001. He found October is the best month for boys and April is the best month for girls. He suggested if you want a boy in that region, then try to time conception in September, October and November.

India Sex Ratio at Birth

According to the World Bank Data, the 2017 India Sex Ratio at Birth is 1.107. Baby boys are more than 10% than girls. India women today still prefer to have baby boys. In 1972, Japanese Eiji Takahashi published an article of Geographic Distribution and Seasonal Variation of Sex Ratio at Birth in India. The birth data is from 1962 to 1964. The sex ratios are different from 16 states/districts and seasons. The northwestern area of India shows higher sex ratio. In Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh the sex ratio is over 1.20. The 16 states and districts are

  1. Jammu and Kashmir (110.8)
  2. Himachal Predesh (112.4)
  3. Punjab (114.4)
  4. Rajasthan (122.2)
  5. Utter Predesh (124.7)
  6. Bihar (111.7)
  7. West Bengal (109.2)
  8. Assam (108.7)
  9. Gujarat (109.2)
  10. Madhya Predesh (111.7)
  11. Maharashtra (108.1)
  12. Orissa (107.3)
  13. Mysore (106.9)
  14. Andhra Predesh (107.6)
  15. Kerala (107.1)
  16. Madras (107.8)
  17. Delhi (110.7)

Above are the sample sex ratio charts by month of birth month and month of conception. The higher sex ratio conception months of India are July, August, September, October and November based on the birth data in 1961 to 1964.

Singapore Sex Ratio at Birth

Singapore Deportment of Statistics provides very good Birth Data by Sex, Ethnic Group and Month from 1960 to 2018. We use data from January 1960 to December 2017. Total of birth data is 2,624,867. The male count is 1,356,317 and female count is 1,268,550. The sex ratio is 1.069. The chart below is the Monthly Sex Ratio of Singapore.

Singapore Birth Data 1960-2017
MonthMaleFemaleSex Ratio

The higher sex ratio months are April, May, August, September and Octobor. The major population in Singapore is Chinese. Total of Chinese birth data is 1,813,954 from 1960 to 2017. The count of Chinese baby boy is 939,226 and count of Chinese baby girl is 874,728. The sex ratio of Chinese baby is 1.073. The monthly sex ratio of Chinese baby is in the following.

Singapore Chinese Birth Data
MonthSex Ratio

The sex ratio of Chinese baby is higher than the national average. The higher sex ratio months are April, May, June, August, September and Octobor. Therefore, The conception months for baby boy are July, August, September, November, December and January in Singapore.

Conclusion of Chinese Bay Gender Prediction Chart

Now we compare the months of conception to have better chance to conceive a baby boy from different regions. We find the Chinese Bay Gender Prediction Chart is good for China region. For all other regions, April and September are good months to conceive a baby boy. May and December are good months to conceive a baby girl.

However, most of birth data collected for the chart is before 2002. It looks that the sex ratio will change from generations to generations. If you are interested in today's sex ratio in your country, then look for it from your government website. The blue boxes in the chart below indicate higher sex ratio of male to female.

BOYConception Months
US 2017

The next is how to select the days to conceive the desired baby gender using Chinese lunar calendar. If a woman wants to plan for a baby boy, then when are the good days in April and September to conceive?

Compromise 2021 Chinese Lunar Months with Zodiac Months

The Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart uses Chinese Lunar Calendar to predict baby gender. Do you know Chinese Lunar Calendar needs 7 extra lunar months in 19 years? Chinese Lunar Calendar needs a year of 13 lunar months around every three years in order to synchronize the cycle of the sun. That means you will see a leap month (intercalary month) every three years.

There are only 12 months in the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart. 2020 Chinese Lunar Calendar has 13 lunar months, extra leap 4th lunar month in China time zone. The total of lunar days is 4th lunar month is 59. This becomes an issue to apply on the Baby Gender Prediction Chart. Some people suggested that the days in the first half of leap 4th month should group into the 4th month. The days in the second half of leap 4th month treat in the 5th lunar days. Both 4th and 5th lunar months have around 44 lunar days. A normal lunar month has 29 or 30 days. Some people won't accept this approach.

While doing the survey for Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart, a few of women emailed us and said the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart is accurate; they tried many birth data of the relatives using the solar Gregorian months, not the Calendar lunar months.

People wonder the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart should use the Chinese Astrology Zodiac (Stem-Branch) Calendar, which is a solar calendar. According to the theory of the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the first zodiac month is the Tiger month, which is equivalent to the first lunar month. Rat month is corresponding to the 11th lunar month and Cow month is corresponding to the 12th lunar month. In the way, we don't have the trouble of leap months.

We compromise the Chinese Lunar Months with Chinese Zodiac Months in the following chart. The days in the lunar month and also in the corresponding Zodiac month are the new revised lunar months. If a woman wants to use the suggestion of Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart to conceive next baby, then she should use the revised lunar months.

2021 Lunar/Zodiac Months of China Time Zone
Zodiac MonthLunar MonthAdjusted MonthsDays
1Tiger2/3/2021 - 3/4/20212/12/2021 - 3/12/20212/12/2021 - 3/4/202121
2Rabbit3/5/2021 - 4/3/20213/13/2021 - 4/11/20213/13/2021 - 4/3/202122
3Dragon4/4/2021 - 5/4/20214/12/2021 - 5/11/20214/12/2021 - 5/4/202123
4Snake5/5/2021 - 6/4/20215/12/2021 - 6/9/20215/12/2021 - 6/4/202124
5Horse6/5/2021 - 7/5/20216/10/2021 - 7/9/20216/10/2021 - 7/5/202126
6Sheep7/6/2021 - 8/6/20217/10/2021 - 8/7/20217/10/2021 - 8/6/202128
7Monkey8/7/2021 - 9/6/20218/8/2021 - 9/6/20218/8/2021 - 9/6/202130
8Chicken9/7/2021 - 10/7/20219/7/2021 - 10/5/20219/7/2021 - 10/5/202129
9Dog10/8/2021 - 11/6/202110/6/2021 - 11/4/202110/8/2021 - 11/4/202128
10Pig11/7/2021 - 12/5/202111/5/2021 - 12/3/202111/7/2021 - 12/3/202127
11Rat12/6/2021 - 1/4/202212/4/2021 - 1/2/202212/6/2021 - 1/2/202228
12Cow1/5/2022 - 2/2/20221/3/2022 - 1/31/20221/5/2022 - 1/31/202227

If a woman desires to have a baby boy, she can look for the blue box of the Gender Prediction Chart in April and September columns to determine the conception month using her Chinese age. The next choices of the conception month are August, October, January, February or November depending on her country. Then the conception day can choose from revised lunar months above. If a woman prefers to have a baby girl, then she can try the days in May, June or December.

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