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The following are the essential calendar tools for Chinese Lunar Calendar conversion, Chinese Five Element Horoscopes, Chinese Zodiac prediction, Chinese Feng Shui Flying Star Calendar, and Chinese Farmer's Almanac Calendar. Without accurate Chinese Calendars, Chinese fortunetellers cannot correctly read your fortune.

All our Chinese Calendars are built by the very high-precision astronomical sun and moon data, not the mathematical formulas. Therefore, we can provide Chinese Calendars using 24 different timezones. The leap months of the Chinese Lunar Calendar are very complicated. If you are interested in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, you can read the Theory, History, and Conversion of the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Without high-precision astronomical data, a Chinese lunar calendar might give you wrong information for the non-China timezones

Chinese Holidays and Baby/Wedding Calendars

Calendar Chinese Astrology Calendar - Fortunetelling Essential

Farmer Chinese Farmer's Calendar - Find Lucky Day for Special Events

Calendar Chinese Lunar Calendar and Holidays

Flying Star Chinese Feng Shui Calendar for Purple White Flying Stars

Five Elements Five Element Calendar for Chinese Astrology

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