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Why Do We Need Five Elements Calendar?

Ancient Chinese believe we are living in the world filled with Five Elements, which are Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. We are part of the world. We should have a relationship with the Five Elements. The Five Elements surrounding us should affect our daily activities in a certain degree.

After observing the life cycles of animals, plants, minerals, and liquids as well as the cycles of day, month, and the year, ancient Chinese found everything in the world is affected by the passage of time.

Next, they figured out the relationships between Five Elements and time, then applied Five Elements into the Chinese calendar. They also discovered the secret that Five Elements are the endowment given to people by the mother nature, because If we are inside the Five Elements' world, then our body may contain some of the Five Elements ingredients. That means we should find the Five Elements representing us from the time we were born.

Later, this Chinese culture heritage widely applies in the Chinese astrology area. Today, we can use Chinese Astrology Five Elements Calendar to find people's Five Element score from their birth time to determine the element that can bring you luck or bad luck. The calendar can also tell us which element is active on any point of time.

Most of Five Elements on the ground we can see. Most of them can be moved easily, like furniture, a rock or tree. Some of them are hard to move, like a building, mountain or a river. We have the choice to live close or stay away from the elements. The Lucky Element theory can help us make decisions.

The Five Elements of time (from the heaven) we cannot see. We cannot avoid them coming to us. But, we can have a Five Elements calendar to know when they come and exist.

If we have the Five Elements calendar, then we can know when our lucky or unlucky elements come into our lives. Therefore, the Five Elements calendar can act as a radar to tell us when the storm is coming. The calendar also tells us when is the time to learn, to receive (Knowledge Cycle), to join, to talk, to play (Friend Cycle), to give, to show (Expression Cycle), to relax, to enjoy (Money Cycle), to take control, to take responsibility (Career Cycle) and so on.

If you know when your Money Cycle is, then you should know you don't have to buy the lottery tickets during your Friend Cycle or Knowledge Cycle. Additional information about these cycles is in the cycle of sow and reap.

More and more people are becoming interested about Five Elements information every day. Many people have and are enjoying the use of the Chinese Fortune Angel software, the Five Elements Calendar. If you want to know about your Five Elements cycles, then Angel software is right for you. You can find your Lucky Element, the Opportunity Chart (a.k.a. Money/Career chart) of Five Elements cycles and many Five Element theories from there.

The Five Elements that are on the ground, you can see and deal with them. The Five Elements in the sky, you cannot see and escape from them. Chinese Fortune Angel is the tool to help people to know when, what, and where Five Elements are. We hope that Chinese Fortune Angel can act as a guardian angel to you, help you safely pass the miserable time and catch all the opportunities you deserve to have.

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