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Event: 2020 Chinese New Year - January 25, 2020
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Modified: October 1, 2019
2020 Rat

2020 is the Chinese Zodiac Year of White Metal Rat. Chinese New Year Day is on Saturday, January 25, 2020, in China time zone. The Chinese Zodiac Year starts on February 4, 2020. 2020 is the 4717th Chinese Year. Recent posts contain Chinese Zodiac for Rat Year and 2020 Chinese Five Element Horoscopes.

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2019 Chinese Zodiac of Pig

2019 is the Chinese Zodiac Year of Brown-Earth Pig. Pig is in the Water group. People have good luck if their lucky element is Water. Information is at 2019 Chinese Five Element Astrology. Earth Pig is dirty water. The unexpected and dispute events should happen in 2019 of Pig. Baby born in the Year of Pig usually has better luck because Pig can get along with most of the other zodiac animals...


2020 Baby Gender Prediction

Choosing Baby gender for 2020 newborn baby using the Chinese Baby Gender Prediction Chart? Are you confusing 2020 has 13 Chinese lunar months? Strongly recommend using the Revised 2020 Chinese Baby Gender Calendar for planning the next baby gender. The Chinese Baby Gender Predictor can calculate Chinese lunar month and Chinese age...

2020 Chinese Zodiac Year of Rat

2020 Chinese New Year Day is on Saturday, January 25, 2020. The Chinese Zodiac Name is White Metal Rat. According to Chinese Five Elements theory, Rat is in the Water group. People whose Chinese horoscope birth chart has a weak Water element will have good fortune in 2020. Peek your 2020 Chinese Zodiac Prediction for Year of the Rat...
New Year

2020 Chinese New Year of Rat

Chinese New Year's Eve is on Friday, January 24, 2020 and January 25, 2020 is Chinese New Year Day. China will be 4717 years old. 2020 is a Golden Rat year. The first day of Chinese Spring is on February 4, 2020. The Chinese call this date Li-Chun, which is the first day of the Chinese Zodiac Year of Rat. Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year for 15 days long, which is called the Spring Festival. The last day of the festival is the Chinese Lantern Festival, which is on Saturday, February 8, 2020...

Fast Love Match

Free Chinese Horoscope Love compatibility Match using birthdays has been serving millions of users since 1999. It's much more accurate than Chinese zodiac signs matching by birth years. Try the love compatibility test with anyone you know using our Fast Love Match...

Life's Rise &and Fall Chart

An incredible Chinese Astrology application shows your Chinese Astrology Rise and Fall Chart of your entire life using the balance theory of Five Elements. It's required for your birthday and birth time. You can see the best of your 10 years in your life. The most valuable thing is it reveals Your Lucky Element for free...

Free Daily Chinese Horoscope

If you know your Chinese Astrology Lucky Element, you should check the Daily Chinese Horoscopes. This application tells you the happening events regarding your career, money, reputation, and love. You even you peek your horoscopes on a future day. So you can plan for future events...
Feng Shui

2020 Feng Shui Houses

2020 Feng Shui Houses Guide for Flying Stars of Rat Year is ready. This article reveals information about 2020 Rich Houses, Romantic Houses, Intelligent Houses, Debt Houses, Sick Houses, Misfortune Houses...

Select Auspicious Wedding Date

Planning for a precious and splendid wedding will take months, even a year. Many couples are serious to pick an auspicious wedding day for their weddings. This application derives from the Chinese Farmer's software to tell people which days are lucky for weeding or engagement. By combing the tool of planning for the happy event, you should be able to the best wedding in the period you desire...